Father's For Justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soxmis2222, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. I know this is a very delicate subject but I would like to get a general feel of what other folk think of this extreme group.

    I will lay my cards on the table so you honest folk can judge for yourself, I am a happily married chap with 1 child and 1 on the way, I have the misfortune of having an ex wife, some may say attributable to the job.

    Unfortunately my ex wife left me and set up home with another chap, I have no argument here, however when she moved she decided she would eradicate all memories of the biological father on route.

    I have 2 beautiful children with my ex wife and I am not allowed to see them, I have no criminal record, no history of violence just your average Joe. My Ex has refused access to my children and I have fought this through the courts for over 5 years. So what have I achieved? well in 5 years I have seen one of my children for 2 hours once a fortnight 3 times and supervised by a court representative which I have to pay for.

    Are Father's for Justice taking the law a stage to far? In my eyes they are not taking it far enough! I am seriously contemplating pinning a banner to my 2's and climbing something. Anyone else feel as strongly as me or am I a minority in the forces?

    Will you be around your children this christmas? What is ironic is the car stickers I have seen about a dog is for life and not just for xmas, Wow! wouldn't that be good if it applied to children! can someone tell Tony Bliar that.
  2. Aw mate I can only sympathise . Not for me personally but my kid brother. His wife left him five weeks ago. She for some reason has booked herself into a battered woman's refuge and it was him , I'm embarassed to say, that was getting beaten. Since then he has been treated like a leper , no visitation even with a supervisor and it just goes on and on , police treating him like shite social services the same . At the moment I'm on suicide watch . The conniving thing has turned his life into a twilight zone and he is guilty till he proves otherwise . We have been in touch with the group you mention , but even so it is still going to be a long hard road and , to be honest there isn't much light at the end of the tunnel as a lot of laws have been changed under this government which make it impossible for anyone to win but her . Fair play to you and hope it all works out.
  3. Totally sympathise, sox. Lost a son & 2 step-kids to my first about 10 years ago. No sight or sound of them for the past 8.

    Must admit, my way of dealing was to leave her to it - I've made sure the children know how to find me if they ever want, but beyond that made it my decision to cut any further contact. Just seemed better for the kids to maybe hate me for not trying than to hate her (who they live with) for blocking me.

    But to your question - no, I don't think they go too far. Their action is predominantly peaceful (if slightly disruptive at times) and what they're fighting for is just. People who haven't been there don't seem to realise how easily some women can flout the existing laws and court orders with virtually no fear of punishment.

    Gonna get off my hobby horse now, before this becomes a VERY long post :evil:

    Anyway, good luck with your situation mate, whatever you decide to do :)
  4. if there is any justice in life , is that as long as you keep sending mails, presents and leave clues about your self all over the place that you still care , eventuallyt he kids will grow older and leave home they will have a choice of meeting you and when the truth is out , the comebacks wil be massive against the mothers for denying their children access to their own fathers.
    if i was such a child and i discovered the truth that my "daddy" didnt leave me or beaten up my mum , then i would abviously would be really p1ssed off and would cut her off or reduce any contacts with her.

    thankfully none of that has happened to me either as a child or now .

    if the law is insufficient then people will take the law into their own hands
  5. Without boring everyone to death with my history,

    My ex moved a guy in and as punishment for an angry outburst from my 7 yr old son poured washing up liquid in his mouth as a punishment.

    I told the police and the social services and although the offence was eventually admitted nothing was done.

    Today I fight my emploer over another matter.
    I am right, have witnesses and the support of many but I am still binned even tho the employer is "legally" in the wrong.

    In this country, there is
    the law, justice and what is right
  6. Thank God my ex was reasonable about access when she threw me out when my son was 9 (for not giving her the life she expected 8O ), however I am right behind all of you.

    It could have been very different, as my Bro found out when his ex decamped to Norfolk from Gosport with his two little ones when he was in Bosnia (during one of the more hairy times)

    Note of hope: after many many years of anguish, as soon as his two reached 16 they came home to live with my Bro.

    Hang in there folks
  7. my point exactly, keep it up and never give up.
    the law mite be shite but if you are morally right it will come right in the end.
  8. I have always felt men get a raw deal when a split happens and there are kids involved.

    Women who don't give you access to your kids (without good cause) are just manipulative and conniving. They just want to hurt you. Instead of acting like a mother and an adult, they sink into the worst kind of female.

    I am sorry you are going through this, I have mates in the same boat.

    I don't have a solution for you but at least there are some women who feel the same way I do.
  9. You need a licence to drive a car, have a firearm etc. Jump through hoops if you want to adopt, but any cnut can have them. Fight peacefully for your rights, but if it starts to affect the kids, pull away. Keep a list of things you did and said in order to see them so that if and when you do see them again, you can show them what a whore/witch/etc. she was
  10. A few weeks ago, Bob Geldof, presented a programme on the injustice of the law to fathers.

    It was excellent viewing, Bob, went in after certain Politicians and lawyers with his usual agusto. He highlighted the injustice of the current law courts over fathers rights of access, the hypocrsy of the law and what needed changing. He swore alot, even for his usual standards but brought enlightenment to those of us out in the big wide world who did not really know about the ballocks the courts dish out on Fathers.

    I support Father's for Justice entirely, I have seen too many friends/mates heart broken because the ex will not allow them to see their kids. I destroys the guys totally and entirely.

    The more they demonstrate the better
  11. Yup, been there and got the t-shirt too.... Missing my Daughter now for the past three years and this is with three court orders into the deal.
    Funny how if I miss one payment to the lovely folks at the CSA (Civil Service)it takes less than a week for the scrotes to enforce payment yet the Ex manages to flout court imposed orders with impunity (unless I wish to pay to go back to court... again.............).
    I think it is a very worrying trend that people (not just Fathers) are reaching the point where they feel they have nothing to lose by this action.
  12. Just as an aside, I worked in a divorce court for a while and noticed a peculiar trend. Nearly all of the petitions citing violence towards the husband were from services marriages. I asked the social services bloke about this (he was the one who had to go in and assess the cases where kids were involved) and he said yes, it's because their code of behaviour puts hitting a woman beyond the pale, so they just take the battering. This included many USAF guys.

    If its any consolation, the National Audit Office have also concluded that the CSA are way wide of the mark on at least two separate occasions...but no visible improvement is forthcoming. Surprised?
  13. In the defence of women....not all of us are total bitches who use their kids as a weapon to hurt their ex.

    I have a two year old son with my ex, who is still serving in the army. When we spilt up he turned so nasty that the army and police stepped in and they warned him off.....even during all this I never once said he couldnt see his son and I have never put a CSA claim in to get maintence. Just so you know we are not all bad x
  14. We know MB, just some of you.......PS I still love u xxxx
  15. MB,

    Agreed, not all wives are bitches or point scorers.
    My ex and I have never argued over our children.

    I've had good experiences and bad.
    If you have problems write and COMPLAIN! - but also let them know when they help you.