Fathers Day Gifts...What did you get ?


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4* 150gm of Snaffling Pig Pigs in Blankets pork scratchings.


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Bacon sandwich in bed.

Fuck yer cards.
Homemade card from Granddaughter (who wants to call me dad), a huge hug, small pack of chocolates - do for me thanks
A pen with a spirit level and screwdriver built in from daugter - a proper boy's toy!

Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare from No. 1 son.

Good haul, and off to Chinese for a meal tonight.
A chair cushion with the face of john Wayne a mug with the face of uncle albert on with the caption "during the war" a 6inch soft toy of uncle albert complete with blue hat whiskers, duffle coat, which when pressed says" fought in the war, and they treat you like dirt" and various other pithy remarks. A pair of "During the war" inscribed socks & the definitive works on the battle of Stalingrad paperback book, and the family dropping round to say hello, all very nice on an early Sunday morning.

Late edit to add:- No 1 granddaughter has just presented me with a telescopic back scratcher it has to be the best and most useful present anybody has given me,..... bloody marvellous!
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No. 1 son is here helping me understand the controls on our new double oven, a cake has been promised.
After much "WHAT THE F...'s" we have the clock set to the correct time, the day could be long.

No 2 son lives in London, peace be upon me.
but he sent me a text " Congratulations on making me ".
Just a normal day.


Nothing. But then again I have banned Fathers day as it is load of chuff.
The same here but I did have a slight hangover from drinking too much sloe gin last night with my youngest lad watching Band of Brothers.
A 1:35 scale King Tiger Tank from Ms RM, who thinks it very funny that grandad is into modelling. ‘Do you want to fight the war then’
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