Fathers arrested for stopping fight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. The outrageometer is taking a bashing today. FFS.

  2. The CPS seem to be spending all their days on drugs and need someone in Government to take a long and hard look at their effectiveness!

  3. Low hanging fruit
  4. Im surprised the little shits weren't awarded compensation for having to go to court. :roll:
    Do the right thing in this country and you will end up in the dock these days.
  5. How can such a minority of faceless, useless apologists for anarchy be so influential -- how can they be in control of legal policy and its application, against the views and wishes of the majority? Yes, folks, we are experiencing the Tyranny of the Minority. Time for a radical overhaul of the executive, legislature and judiciary, in my view. But how could this be achieved against what has become a most insidious, yet pathetic, enemy?
  6. one day a policeman/woman will be on there own facing these boys (when a little older) and they need one of these people to help them! something tells me if common sense is not applied soon its going to turn to sheite

    its very much like the shop keeper the other week who ended up in a fight with a wanted criminal. However this wanted criminal died in the fight and now the CPS/Police want to charge this man with murder.

    as they say "FFS" :cry:
  7. Quote from the CPS retard

    New Speak for, "we need to hit our targets this month".

    What a bunch of muppets. If those fathers hadn't acted (and suffered the 9 months of idiocy that is the CPS (not to mention the filth in this case too) then a young lad might have ended up with his head used as a football, stabbed or Christ knows what else.

    Then some Copper would be all "why didn't anyone stop them". What does it take to make this country wake up? The disbanding of the CPS perhaps?
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I wonder how the police will react the next time a copper gets a shoeing/gets stabbed, and the public don't jump in to help.

    Plod and the CPS are their own worst enemies.
  9. FFS, this is yet again another nail in the coffin of the UK. Law biding people trying to prevent an assault on a kid and they are arrested for it. Is it no wonder that people turn a blind eye or go the opposite way and take the law into their own hands without police involvement. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing that the law and every other lunatic seems to be on the side of the criminal. Its about time the powers that be turned around and sorted this mess out. It would only take the opposition parties to cotton on to the fact that if they went with what the people want they would storm into power and get rid of the crap we have at the minute.

    Rant over.
  10. My uncle worked for the CPS as a barrister; he had a nervous breakdown due to the ineptitude of it.

    He is still basket weaving now.
  11. Too easy I am afraid, a "crime" where the "offenders" were easy to "catch" because they didnt put up a fight and had identified themselves.
    Both the arresting officers and the CPS are guilty of wasting the court's time and the public's money.
  12. I would be interested in input from the plod members of this site about this subject. I reckon a lot of decent police will also be annoyed about this.

    FFS! I was brought up to respect and trust our police. That culturaly ingrained belief takes a lot to get rid of, but it is happening. Our values seem to be getting eroded by politiciancs and lawyers who are slowly turning the police into protecting criminals from justice and using them (the police) as a revenue source.
  13. Exactly. A copper would get a shoing/get stabbed and the coppers and politicos would be all "ohh, but the public stood and watched it all happen".

    In the event of a citizent stepping forward to be counted the Copper would probably cuff him with his dieing breath.

    As a First Aid trained Soldier, I would be dubious about even adminstering first aid now adays, even to a person who desperately needed it.

    Just in case I brought them back to life, so they could sue the fcuk out of me.
  14. How life has changed in forty odd years.

    My dad was an ambulance driver. We lived in tied accommodation at a County Council ambulance station. The building was also a local welfare clinic.

    I recall in the 60s there was interest as a new breed of person was due at the clinic. "Social workers".

    A male and female of the social worker species walked across the ambulance forecourt on the way to the clinic entrance. The male snorted back (footballer style) and gobbed. The lump of mucous landing on the concrete apron.

    My brother and I knew this was bound to be interesting (worth being late for school and a bollocking for).

    The old fella runs out and asks the young social worker if he remembers the days of TB and invites him to clean uphis own gob.

    Young social worker (perhaps wedded to the view that assertiveness can be used as an alternative to timidity or aggression) informs him that if he wants concrete cleaned then he should do it himself.

    dad says OK I will use your suit only thing is while you still in it. Next thing smack and dad is dragging the social worker back and forth through his own gob.

    So the social worker makes complaints to the local police and to the Medical Officer of Health who still ruled the ambulance service.

    The police sergeant explained to the social worker that he must have felt a pang of conscience for spitting on the ambulance station and then slipped in his own expectorant. (Followed by "f-ck off and don't spit in our town")

    The police were similarly sensible with the corgi breeder who brought out the dogs on a gang leash. All together they would crap outside the chest clinic entrance (used weekly to treat fromer POWs of the Japs). Again dad spoke to the guy. But the matter was resolved by the man being smeared in the dog shite with the rest through his door later.

    And the man who kicked the Red Cross flag tray girls tray out of her hands. He was an A and E admission job within six hours (dad was also commandant of the local Red Cross and he got the overtime for taking the beggar to hospital)

    The MOH called the old fella in about the social worker decking

    "I take a very dim view of these stories, corgi excreta smeared over a man and a social worker dragged through snot. Am I to understand that we give you so little work you have resorted to creating your own casualties"

    There was a nod and wink culture then. Discretion know what I mean.
  15. There's a copper who lives over the road from me. The poor bastard looks really miserable when he leaves for work, and when he comes back. He seems like a sensible, decent bloke. There are some good people working in the system but they are drowning in a shitty sea of mediocrity.