Father screws Paris and Nicki Hilton!

I am very surprised that no-one else has picked up on this news (sic) item:

Paris and Nicki Hilton

Apparently, the two sisters are no longer worth shagging because their Dad has just donated some 97% of his wealth to a charitable foundation! :D :D

Bad Luck, Girls! :twisted:

Right on grandad! What the hell has she ever done to deserve it anyhow? Grandads probably pretty pissed off that now the name of his family is going to be forever associated with getting fcuked, so he decides to screw Paris too in his own little way! :lol:

But whats this:

"On his death, in 1979, Conrad Hilton left 97 per cent of his money to the foundation he had founded in 1944. But his son challenged the will and reached an accord dividing ownership of the shares with the foundation.

Paris had no immediate comment. According to Forbes magazine, the socialite earned $6.5 million last year."

So we can only hope the 'socialite' (sounds a hard job eh?) doesn't get a lawyer who can contest the decision.

I don't know if the 6.5m USD a year is good that shes getting less than a years usual 'earnings' off her inheritance :twisted: ; or bad that she can get that much cash per year from showing up to a few film premieres, being a slut, and doing v little else! :x


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Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And so on...
There is still $69 million up for grabs, they may have to make a few cutbacks (like when I got posted from Germany to UK) but I'm sure they will cope.

Personally I'd like to see them really broke, like Gary Coleman broke.
Oh, I do so hope he's hired the best lawyers available for that one. I'd love to see her get by solely on her abilities. Although charities are stretched by genuinely deserving poverty-cases already...

And did I mention hahahahahahahahh?
Yeh, maybe 3% of all that lot is 69m, but apparently Paris stands to get 5m only... maybe she's got a few brothers and sisters or something.

Agreed though, 5m is hardly 'hard done by'!
why is she famous?
What hs she done?
What is she for?


Demoted to bin-dragger - I would offer her 5 Euro for an hour!
Bravo_Bravo said:
why is she famous?
What hs she done?
What is she for?
no idea.
the male population of upper manhattan, allegedly.
see above, although medical experimentation is always an option.
Chaz said:
Demoted to bin-dragger - I would offer her 5 Euro for an hour!
For 5 Euro an hour I'd want more out of the useless bitch than that.
The title of the post made me crick my neck as I double checked I read it right! Thank Gawd it was about money.....
I understand the Miz Paris has made quite a substantial sum, Many millions of Yankee $, on her own acount and that for all her 'Performances' is quite an effective business Woman.
Oh I'd give her one, muff her silly.
I would wipe my knob on her curtains and shit in her kettle just for good measure. After bumming and poo tashing her.
Oh, dear How sad never mind.

Maybe her "socialite", er, "career" will flop now she has no money too.

I'd still give her one. Up the hoop, no lube. Or maybe the choice talc or deep heat.
while I have no sympathy for Paris, I don't think Nicki deserves the treatment as she was the quiet one and didn't court the limelight so much.

Its a tad hypocritical of the Dad to do so considering he also challenged the will of his dad who was doing the exact same thing, I forsee a similarly big court battle once he pops his clogs.

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