Father of youngest soldier killed in Iraq brands Blair a tr

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Very sloppy article, tabloid standard. It's sad that the young man's death is being used for political means. The fathers opinion would have held no weight previous to his son's death but now the press are using his opinion to their own ends.
  2. There is nothing tabloid about raw emotion and honesty. Blair tells us that he is against the execution of Saddam and yet he was perfectly happy to agree to a JDAM assassination attempt on the opening night of the war. Saddam was no longer eating in the restaurant but many innocent people were killed. He makes me want to puke, and I do not blame relatives of those killed sounding off about this man. Double standards, yes I do think so.
  3. I'm not prepared to turn this into an argument, your points are not directly relevent to the lads death just another example of using the deaths of soldiers as an opportunity to get on a political soapbox, it's disgusting and an insult to them.
  4. My points are perfectly relevant, this is a man who has sent many soldiers to their deaths. His decisions have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Iraqis and yet after all this he does not believe in the execution of the man we were all sent to war for. if you lose the good will of your people what hope is there for the future of the armed forces?

    And by the way, I have lost some good friends in this war.
  6. I mooch around this site a fair bit and much as I enjoy it rarely feel compelled to post but in this instance I will make an exception.

    This man has decided to make his feelings public because he wants some positve debate to come from his sons sacrifice and because he beleives there are questions he wants answered and that these questions are ones that society as a whole will want answered.

    By trying to shut down that debate and insisting that his telling of his story and the publlisisation of his pain is nothing more than a tabloid stunt it occurs to me that it is you jack who are showing enormous disrespect to both this man and his late son.

    He has every right to speak his mind and given that he has lost his son in the service of this country I dont think he asks to much that we should engage with what he saying whether we agree with it or not.
  7. Yes Mr Hancock has the right to say whatever he wishes about this government - within the boundaries of the law.

    The Daily Mail likewise has the right to print whatever it wishes, within the same caviats.

    However. To argue that the reasons for the Daily Hate printing what it has for reasons other than for scoring cheap political points is extremely naive and for Mr hancock to use such a vehicle for his statements is equally naive and demeans the sacrifice his son made
  8. Obviously. However now his point of view seems somewhat pertinent don't you agree??
  9. You join up,you have no political control over what you do (that is the nature of the armed services), if you did want a voice, you don't sign up.

    In the meantime, you should have an expectation that you are deployed in a meaningful way - Iraq, 'Stan ? - I don't know .................
  10. B0ll0cks, no its not, the father is quite rightly distraught and is voicing his opinion and god bless em the Mail has give him the platform to do it. I am no fan of journos but in this case I couldn't agree more with the paper, Bliar and all his cronys are a shower of spineless horrible , corrupt cnuts and he makes me puke, :x
  11. Note that Bliar can be bothered to write to fat fighters but not to bereaved families:

    Today's Mail (no direct link to article)

  12. Very good point. Which brings us back to the degradation of the 'military covenant'.
  13. Say what you want, his dad is right.
  14. A Govt breaks the military covenant at its peril, flash rumour in the RAF is that 700 seniors have PVR'd in recent days.