Father of murdered RMP to stand against TCH in election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Just heard on BBC local news that Reg Keys, whose son was one of the RMP murdered in Iraq, is to stand as an independent against TCH in the General Election.
  2. can the serving members register to vote in that constituency? :twisted:
  3. The BBC has the news at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4271575.stm
    along with a quote from the would be MP
    which says it all really. I hope the major political parties will support Reg Keys rather than put up their own candidates.
  4. But lets face it, - all he will do is possibily take votes from any 'credible' oposition making it more likely TCH will get back in.

    What was TCH's majority last time round?

    As a 'protest' all well and good but will it make any difference? - no not really. :(
  5. The majority was about 13K so, regretably, I dont think this gentleman will do anything to affect this. People want to vote for an MP that is credible and has the necessary skills to carry out the task for the benefit of their constituents on a variety of issues. I would love to see Mr Hoon removed (preferably by a hairy arssed bunch of paras) but it must be to the benefit of either the Lib Dems or, preferably, the Conservatives. I feel that this gentleman should throw his weight behind a mainstream party and not become a distraction.
  6. Yes, i think his political capital (oh i hate that word, especially in this context) would be best used to back one of the opposition MP's in order to get buff out of office and out of a job.! :D
  7. While I have every sympathy for Mr Keys loss (lighting fuse now) he has understanably lost it. Take a look at his recent oubursts and media stunts, and yes they were stunts "hanging" himself at the Labour party conference for example. The guy has still not been able to come to terms that his son was a soldier and died in a war (cock ups and legality blah blah) and is looking for someone to blame. While I would be more than happy for TCH to get what he deserves and I'm not just talking about losing his seat. The guy has got to get over it. ouch! :? I know this sounds very callous but is this going to bring his son back? will this get TCH and Labour out of power?

    I expect a battering of abuse but Mr Keys seems to be extremely driven by bitterness, who am I to judge? but will this give him any happiness?

    This is just boll1x and is there someone encouraging him?
  8. I heard on the radio this morning that the families of the 6 RMPs are going to name military personnel who they believe were responsible for the RMPs' deaths........mmmmmmmmm
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    TCH has been neither the front nor the back.

    Would it be safe to say he's made no end of an ass of himself ?
  10. Good post Vonshot and sums up a lot of my feelings around this. The poor guy is blinded by grief and that must be terrible. A stunt like this will achieve nothing.

    AMAK was one of those cock-ups that happen -especially in the vaccum that was Southern Iraq in Summer 2003. Read the report - I did and found it hard to find any holes in its conclusion of "systemic failures".
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I would love a credible candidate to stand against TCH. I'm afriad I don't think this gentleman will be it.

    I think the families have a right to be told the truth about what happened. The have have a right to know that if mistakes were made then lessons have been learned. If people have been neglegent then they should be held accountable.

    That being said I'm not sure if it woukld help if some one (or ones) are crucified because a series of minor cock ups.

    Blair/TCH are culpable becasue they sent the Armed Forces to war without the proper kit. In this case coms, ammo, etc. The Generals may be culpable because if they did not report these shortfall to TCH.

    Perhaps Mrs Roberts should have stood against TCH, her husband was killed as a direct result of Blair/TCH failure to allow proper prep for the war. I've heard her on the radio and 've always admired the way she has conducted herself. I think the MOD caved to her because TCH could not afford to go to court and be shown up as a man without any honour at all.

  12. Me too. Whatever the group of relatives do will not bring back these 6 guys. Sadly, any corrective training for anyone involved is unlikely to pprevent some such cock-up occuring elsewhere some other time. The old adage of "Shit happens" has a lot going for it.
  13. I think that you have set yourself up here. His son wasn't a soldier who died in a war. He was a soldier who was murdered. Indeed Mr Keys has every right to be bitter. Do you believe the MoD line? I agree that he should not pursue a political post, but put yourself in his shoes. The man is desperate. Just how many lies have this Government told us? Why should Mr Keys believe them?

    I follow the gist of your post, but perhaps you should have carefully thought about what it was you hoped to convey. Parts of your post are quite offensive and I would hate to think that Mr Keys or any of the other families have read this.

    Your post is not as controversial as you hoped it would be. At best it is indeed callous. But you knew that.

    I don't know if you are a parent, but trust me here, if you lost one of your children in the circumstances in which Reg Keys has, you'd do anything to get to the truth. I personally feel for the man. The full truth of this matter has not come to the fore. Mr Keys son served in the PARA Regt before transferring over to the RMP, so Mr Keys would have fully understood the possibilties. If his son had been shot in an engagement, I believe that Mr Keys would have accepted that for what it was. His son didn't die in an engagement though. His son was murdered.

    I hope that Reg Keys gets to the truth of the matter and finds the solace that he and his family deserve.
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