Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, Mar 17, 2004.

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    What the hell was his son buying? Survival kit?

    I think Soldier Nick was probably moaning just little too much to his dad?
  2. 16AA? Probably bail money to get him out of the local nick. :wink:
  3. Did he pay for his own flight there? :roll:
  4. Well even if he went in 'green' like me, you could survive with the issue kit. If he spent 800 quid on 'shiny kit' to be comfortable, not to survive, then it's his own choice.

    Mind you, if he was 16AA he probably bought the kit to try and look good for the locals before he was even deployed! :lol:
  5. the only ones who go on about "air assault...woah...check me out!" are the non-teeth arms at 16AABde.
    Knowing certain arms & services' propensity to 'big-timing' I bet it was young some scaley at 216 (Para) Sig Sqn.

    I bet he's creaming his pants with a ripstop desert SAS smock, chest rig, shemag and NVGs. Then he goes and works in the commcen :D


    p.s I'm fed up every man and his dog demanding a bloody "full and frank public inquiry" any time Pte Smith cuts himself shaving. F***ing wimps.