Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 1stgulfmac, Aug 6, 2013.

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  2. Its all the fast food takeways we now have infesting pretty much every High Street pouring their used cooking oil into the street drainage grids.

    Be aware that part of your water bills goes to clear for this clear up.

    These firms should have proper waste control procedures including a valid waste transfer note from the firm charged with removing their waste.

    As with most things though councils in the large cannot be bothered to enforce it and Thames Water/United Utilities etc are only too happy to pass the clean-up charges onto all consumers.

    Removing fatbergs from the sewers of central London is pretty much an everyday event although this one was allowed to become particularly large.
  3. You will find that the vast majority comes from private dwellings.
  4. ...........................
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  5. Wet wipes?
  6. I blame immigrants and fat people.

    Especially fat immigrants.
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  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I had to install a 200l fat trap a couple of years ago at my place in the mountains, the problem was the washing machine output - blocked everything with a soap like deposit.
  8. Yeah Unfortunately Wet Wipes do not break down in water as loo roll does, so it just enhances in catching the crap getting stuck to it and assists in blocking the drainage systems. That's why the manufacturers put on the tubs not to be flushed down the toilet ... Alas people still do it coz its easy and they are lazy. (Just my opinion)
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  9. This problem is a business opportunity in disguise ... a complete new recycling industry to provide cheaper ingredients for more fast food ... unless of course it is already happening ... Soylent Brown anyone ?
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  10. There is a kebab shop near me that pours its fat down the drain in the road . I came off my bike when I slipped on the grease around the drain. Ive seen the drains being unblocked every few weeks there I dont know how theyre getting away with it
  11. Get photo footage of them doing it and write a letter of complaint to the environmental health authority in your area, If you get no joy go one stage higher and keep doing it , these people and obvious thwarter's of the rules and regulations for disposal of things like that are costing the country millions 'name and shame'
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  12. Try complaining to your local Env. Health bod.

    I remember a great story an ex-RAMC Captain told me about the main sewer through Catterick Camp being blocked with waste from the hospital some time in the late 40's / early 50's. They sent blokes in downstream and they walked up until they came to a wall of dressings and such like which was so thick it was dry on their side.

    They put some fire hoses down there, got out and turned them on and that blasted away the detritus.

    There's more to the story involving growing tomatoes and sluice gates, but better told over a pint.
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  13. It's actually quite amazing what gets down into the sewers and even more so, what gets through the various catch grids before the treatment tanks!
  14. It minging to think that gets purified and we drink it at some stage . I live near a treatment plant and it stinks. The wife still asks me if ive farted when driving past it despite knowing its there
  15. The fatties are innocent. They eat the dripping.
    It's the skinny bastards that tip it down the drains and cause the problems.
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