Fatality in Australia...

.... industry probe urged

A tragic loss, RIP; our thoughts and prayers are with the family :cry:

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War Hero

All thoughts are with the family.
A tragedy. It is still very sad that dispite the 'normal' person's fear whan (..........) is mentioned, that the (..........) won't open, most casualties in the sport are from the aircraft accidents occuring on the ride up or from accidents after the canopy is fully open.

I suppose if it was 100% safe we wouldn't do it.


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Condolences and apologies,

I was waiting for official confirmation before commenting, yet when it comes you don't really know what to say about the loss of such a character.

JW, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
The Marsh Arabist

Over 50 members of the Corps, past and present, squeezed into a packed church for Sue's funeral yesterday.

JW gave a truly awesome eulogy to his wife.

It showed the character that we all know him to be - strong and courageous - in what must be a terrible process of coming to terms with the tragic circumstances of such a vibrant woman passing away at such a relatively early age.

In case you missed it.

It was revealed in a 67-page report that:

• Eye-witnesses saw smoke billowing from the engine as it prepared for take-off;

• The pilot was not properly trained;

• None of the jumpers were wearing HELMETS or SEATBELTS;

• The floor restraints holding them in place were insufficient&£8232;

• The plane was 200lbs over the recommended WEIGHT

• And the fuel didn't conform to recognised safety standards .

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