Fat Woman Blocks Up a WaterSlide

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone ever seen that Simpsons episode where the family goes to a waterpark and when going down the waterslide attraction Homer gets stuck and the park maintenance at first rules that the Blockage is to big to be human?
    A silly cartoon right? Funny but it could not possibly happen for real right?
    Wrong a 20 stone women in Butlins when through the same experience as our yellow hero and had to be rescued by the Fire crews bet they really want to go on strike after that experience.

    20 stone woman stuck on Butlin's slide | Mail Online
  2. Says there were two of them in a Dingy, bit misleading your headline.
  3. It might be misleading but the eyewitness does say she was a big heifer on her own, up near the 20st limit all by herself ,not that there's owt wrong with fat lasses.
  4. No don't you just slap them and ride the ripples?

  5. Shame there's no piccies mind, might have raised a chuckle.
  6. That would have been a bit too humiliating getting your picture in the Daily mail as well.
    True I did miss the part where there were two of them (the poor dingy) as I skim read to get onto the commnets which were funnier than the article Daily mail at it's finest.
  7. You just wanted to see her bobbies you perv :)
  8. I glanced the thread and thought it said "Fat Woman Blocks Up a Waterside!" :)
  9. It's rubber-dingy rapids bro, did she forget to explode? She was well on her way to paradise.
  10. Bro?

    FFS. You're not a septic are you. Or do you live near Newquay?

    That's the second time today I've had to reach for my fucking crucifix.

  11. This is the other one in the dinghy..can't understand why the Firemen took so long over getting her out. :)

  12. Why on earth would the TA be doing water crossings at a fun park?
  13. You really are quite dull. If you want to take the piss at least make it funny.
  14. One......................................
  15. Boogar.... that means I won't be going to 'Butlins' next year..... I is a tad around 20 stone y'see..... A Fat B'stids.. Fat B'stid.....

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