Fat Whales

i don't know if it ever happens to you, :evil:
sometimes when i am going to the shops, a fcuking big fat whale with her kids swarming round her, is standing in the middle of the aisle blocking the fcuking road ! middle aged old duffers are just as bad they would be walking along and then suddenly just stop there, forcing me to take evasive action , have they no spatial awareness ? i felt like lamping them one, when you tell them to move in a polite way i.e. Excuse me, they look through you as if you don't exist.

ignorant gits :evil:

had to get it off my chest
Next time, scream 'Get the fuck out of my way, you fat-arrsed, benefit spongeing baby factory!' I guarantee that you'll certainly 'exist'. If I go to the trouble of saying 'excuse me', then the very least I expect is total, utter compliance. Any complaints, just tell 'em you've got Tourettes Syndrome.

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