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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Legs, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. We often talk here about fat useless soldiers who can't do PFTs because of their weight, and end up being downgraded and becoming a drain on the unit's resources.

    Is there not a place in the Armed Forces for one of these 'Fat Camps' that we keep seeing on TV? Send fat blimp soldiers to this place for a few weeks where there is nothing but PT, health living classes and the cookhouse only does healthy food. It can be run by PTIs who, rather than beast for the sake of beasting, can develop you from fat knacker to fit soldier, and then return him or her to their unit upgraded and ready to earn their wage.

    If they fail to pass their PFT at the end of Fat Camp they get binned, or if they let themselves go again then it can be 3 Month Warning Order and then binned.

    Given a chance to sort themselves out in a dedicated programme with no distractions, would fatties be happy to go, and would the Army benefit?

    This is a serious question, so let's keep the digs at certain Corps out of it shall we?
  2. What about just making them redo phase 1 instead? Perhaps in a similar style to the regime at Colchester?

    They can just keep at till they're at their target weight. The threat of being sent back will keep them from ever getting fat again.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So you propose that the army spends yet more money to try and get wasters up to the minimum standards required for the job they are contracted for and paid to do? And that their unit loses the benefit(?) of their presence for the period they are on fat camp?

    I would accept your plan only on the basis that all soldiers attending fat camp are paid as a day one recruit, on the basis that they have the levels of fitness and contribution to unit effectiveness expected of a day one recruit.

    Holidays don't hurt people - loss of cash does.
  4. interesting in theory but the real wasters would get a fablon biff chit to avoid it.

    Also out of interest, what would you do to the decent hard working and fit person who got biffed through duty and struggled to return to fitness?

    ie. you break your leg falling of a CR2 at 0300hrs when your fully tac, its in a plastercast for a few months, you put on some weight and then struggle to get back to fitness.

    would such a person then be outlawed and packed of to a punishment camp?

    Lastly as a boss could you really afford to lose someone to a fat camp for some considerable time? someone else would have to cover for them in the meantime. The only viable option is to get them to attend remedial training in unit lines at the level they require so you can still get work from them and they don't feel so victimised.(well a bit less than fat camp anyway!)
  5. Would I be naive in thinking that the Army does have pretty good facilities for recovery, physio and remedial PT in place for people like this that WANT to get back to fitness?

    I know of one ex-officer that had a nasty accident and broke his back. The Army got him private treatment and months of physio even though they all knew he would be MD'd.
  6. There is or was a fat camp run by the services in Scotland somewhere. I remember it was running in 2006 because the physio in PDN mentioned it in conversation, and thought it was a good idea. Someone on here must know about it.
  7. The facilities are fine. What needs to be changed is the attitudes held by some line managers who don't try their utmost to help their lads get back to full strength. I've known guys (from my chef days) pulled off physio/PT to help with shift work on many occasions, to the point where they've done no phys at all for months on end. Unless the injured/unfit lad in question rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, he's going to remain unfit.

    By the same token, what also needs to change is young lads' and lasses' misguided loyalties whereby the job must always come first over and above anything else.
  8. It should be.

    If fatty had an incentive i.e The dole queue, he/she may find the will to stop filling his/her face.
  9. Or we just stick them all on the Isle of White and be rid of them for good.
  10. The dole queue doesn't offer much incentive for somebody I know. He eats masses of food each day, is built like a waste disposal site yet spends 24 hours a day sat at home watching TV or using his computer.
  11. Surely this kind of thing is covered in basic training? plus I doubt getting stuck in a camp for two weeks that only serves healthy food will make any difference, however making cook house food healthier with a better selection would make a difference to everyone in the long run...
  12. We used to have such a place when I served. It was called Colchester - they sometimes used to send naughty boys there too.
  13. Ive been biffed for a year and had a crucia ligament op and various other knee stuff, Ive had fantastic physio and am about to go on a 3 week rehab course which wont cure the problem but should put me in a good position to start getting back up to full fitness. This has been a long haul and I was informed before my op that I wouldnt be up and running for at least a year but with the quality of care i have recieved so far I should be back up to full running order within the next six months.

    There should be no reason to be monging at the back of the squad. If someone doesn't make the grade bin 'em! The system is in place to help those with genuine injuries and the COC are aware of blokes who will never make a full recovery.

    :evil: Bring on the fat camp!! :twisted: