Fat tax for MPs

Fat tax for MPs

MPs who attend too many long lunches are being targeted by a planned fat tax in Romania.

But only those who put on 50kg - nearly eight stone - during their time in office would have to pay up.

Opposition Greater Romania Party MP Corneliu Bichinet put forward the plan after seeing colleagues pile on the pounds with endless free lunches.

His proposal involves all politicians being weighed at the start and end of their tenure.

Any that have put on more than 50kg would be judged guilty of cashing in on their position and would have to pay fines.

He said: "Voters who often do not have enough to eat themselves and who earn so little do not want to be told how to live their lives as good citizens by overweight MPs who obviously don't practice what they preach.

"There should be a weight check when they take over their position and one at the end of it. Most of them are skinny when they are elected, and yet invariably at the end they turn into big fatties.

"MPs who put on 50kg should be punished because it shows they took advantage of their public position.

I wonder if it will happen here folks? More like a greedy barstewards tax we need.
TartanJock said:
More like a greedy barstewards tax we need.
Any sort of tax on MPs would be a good start. If you or I got free flights, food or housing courtesy of our employers, we'd be taxed to the hilt.

Exempting themselves from the new pension taxes was just taking the pi$$.
lsquared said:
Bet the fat and useless prat Prescott votes against this idea !
If he gets back from lunch in time.
Jesus! tax Prescott per lb and we'd be able to pay for trident just from his taxable income!!
I bet he'd be dripping about that.
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