fat strippers

Nothing wrong with a fattie. :wink:

Try an over the health shop counter such as

Maximuscle - Thermobol
PHD - Lean Degree
USN - Xedra Cut

But they're only any use if you get off your arrse and train on them. Take them about 1/2 before training and they help metobilise fat in conjunction with your excersise programme.

Or if you're a naught boy you could try T5s - the stripper of choice for your valley roiders!

But the overiding theme is, you've got to train. They're only a small help.
'Fat strippers' only really work by lower appetite. The increase in metabolism is only about 2-3% (with ephedrine it is).

Clenbutenol is what body builders use and THAT is nasty nasty stuff. Ephedrine is 2-3% as mentioned, clen is 45-50% and you can only take it for a few days on the trot.
Even fast walking does you in on that (HR through the roof).

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