fat strippers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tank6275, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. do they really work and what type is the best?
  2. They dont do anything for me,i prefer slim ones. :wink:
  3. Nothing wrong with a fattie. :wink:

  4. haha thats funny any serious answers
  5. If you're serious about stripping fat, lay off the sausage sarnies and do some phys you fattie.
  6. Try an over the health shop counter such as

    Maximuscle - Thermobol
    PHD - Lean Degree
    USN - Xedra Cut

    But they're only any use if you get off your arrse and train on them. Take them about 1/2 before training and they help metobilise fat in conjunction with your excersise programme.

    Or if you're a naught boy you could try T5s - the stripper of choice for your valley roiders!

    But the overiding theme is, you've got to train. They're only a small help.
  7. whats naughty about T5's im sure someone mentioned them to me before
  8. The side effects will turn you into a mad man.
    Stick to chicken, veg and a high intensity workout, fatman.
  9. 'Fat strippers' only really work by lower appetite. The increase in metabolism is only about 2-3% (with ephedrine it is).

    Clenbutenol is what body builders use and THAT is nasty nasty stuff. Ephedrine is 2-3% as mentioned, clen is 45-50% and you can only take it for a few days on the trot.
    Even fast walking does you in on that (HR through the roof).