Fat stinking bad attitude wives !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonboyMP, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Why the feck do some guys decide the way forward is to marry stinking fat rough arsed scrubbers. Have just been out in Catterick. It's like a fooking zoo. Quote of the day from one fatty as I walked past Poundstreacher was " don't hold the door you ignorant fooking bastards" ! Marvellous !
  2. I've often been heard to say with more than a hint of sarcasm "thanks for holding the door." Manners cost fuck all.
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  3. PA you like I, prefer the delicate touch of sarcasm ! It's a winner ever time!
  4. Some don't start out that way, but were once gorgeous honies. But after getting a ring just let themselves go.
    Some on the otherhand start out as fat stinking rough arsed scrubbers, but take a look at the bloke they are shackled to too.
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  5. You're right about domestic violence.

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  6. Ahh, the thing is, they don't start that way. You might think you've got the inside track but the chances are, your fragrant beauty who murmurs with gilded tongue, of butterflies and sunshine meadows. Whose grace glides in perfect-day, breeze-ruffled gossamer, balletic, poetic, romantic. Perfect… Will become, how did you put it? A stinking fat rough arsed scrubber. So rejoice in the bounties of youth. Then kill yourself.
  7. Hence the phrase "Mum I've hooked one, pass the chocolates".
  8. Any woman dressed in ron hills and stilletoes - avoid at all costs....
  9. Got knocked back by one of them, did you? You fucking monkey cunt.
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  10. And you got knocked off for blowing off the recruits ya cock end ! LOL. Grow up ya trolling arsewipe !
  11. Piss off. I've wiped the floor with many of you humourless Redcaps in the past. You aren't fit to clean the shit off my shoes, you REMF bastard.
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  12. I was assuming that the poster was a Member of Parliament.
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  13. Why dont you ask your Dad that?
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  14. LOL, ZO marvellous ya thick billy twat. I bet you were bummed by the Provost Sgt while you were in the pokey, you're obviously some sad knocker who loves tinternet hard man status. Go and play with the bairns !
  15. Started off as a 2am no fit chicks left, then a bit of bare back action, 9 months later, it's yours Marry me or my old man will be round and fuck u up. What just me fuck......