Fat Soldiers in Uniform!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Au_Courant, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. After watching a wall of tightly stretched DPM wobble past my building the other day in the shape of a 20 stone (a conservative estimate) soldier barely able to squeeze into his uniform, it occured to me that surely there must come a point when allowing a soldier (sailor or airman) to walk around looking like a burst couch can no longer be tolerated. Controversial maybe, and yes, he might have had a 'gland problem', but it is an appalling advert for the Armed Forces. So if your BMI is over an acceptable limit how about losing the right to wear unform until you look like a serviceman again?
  2. Where was this?
  3. He has a gland problem? Then he should eat fewer of them. Was he RAC?
  4. so this man shouldnt wear unifprm in public?

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  5. PISX: It was at a Phase2/3 training establishment with a number of other lodger units.
    coxy93: I'm asking the questions here..what do you think? ;-)
  6. he should get his sleeves sorted out! does he not know its longsleeve order?
  7. Are you going to tell him?
  8. well, if their competant at their job whats the problem with looking like a brick outhouse. if their useless biffs then they shouldnt be in uniform anyway unless its a serious medical/ mental problem.
  9. one rule for one, one for another. thats a letter to viz then
  10. who voted yes? lefty hippy!!
  11. Put them on public display. Hopefully that way the system might realise that they need to give us some form of tool to deal with these overwieight wasters, most of who have a fabloned biff chit in their top pocket!
  12. They're neither up or down!
  13. Many (many) years ago when my Dad was based in Dortmund with 12 AD Regt there was a guy in the unit, Big D**e F**ner, who despite being big around his belly often finished BFTs and CFTs first!