Fat RLC biffs getting promoted

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Sean63airbornesqn, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. I do not like the fact that fat biffs who hang out on PT session or who are downgraded still get promoted!!
  2. It's all about 'face fits'. You're obviously a cunt.
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  3. Yes mate, at all ranks. So get used to it unfortunately.
  4. Face fits if you stuff your face McDonald's
  5. Ehhhh, maybe you didn't make the promotability line - ask your RCMO how it works.
  6. I'm due to get promoted this year but the biffs who do get promoted should burn In hell
  7. You're clearly not doing enough to justify being promoted!!!!=-D
  8. Is there anything that you ARE happy about? You want to change cap badge, you want to live in your own flat, you want GYH and you have been passed over for promotion.

    It must suck to be you.
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  9. Well I'm due promotion this year but I'm on about all ranks in the RLC.
  10. Someones bitter.
  11. Sign off, it's the only way.

    Or start playing Regt Football. I noticed that wasn't on your list. Sport and sucking cock is the way to get promoted.
  12. Are you a chap or chapess? On both counts, start sucking cock.
  13. I think thats only Oxon based units/Drivers.
  14. The utter, utter, utter barstewards!
  15. Have you ever given it a thought that you may just be a shite soldier and they would rather promote the salad dodgers rather than some **** who's a liability?