Fat Pig loses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Common sense prevails!
    BBC News - Obesity surgery court battle lost by Tom Condliff

    What a fat idle knacker. I'm glad he got told to poke off by the be-wigged type on the bench. ******* chancer.

    Had to laugh - fancy being told you're not fat enough! I suppose the danger now is that the useless lump of lard will go on a binge diet to gain those extra 7 BMI points.
  2. Don't suppose there will be a book on whether he makes it or karks it before the target weight.
  3. Quite right he'll learn em and before we know it he'll be at his target weight.
    When did this country turn people totally reliant on state intervention. I wonder how he developed diabetes.
  4. "He said Mr Condliff had a "severe needle phobia", and over a number of years insulin had not been "delivered" as effectively as it might have been. Mr Condliff had developed a "gross appetite" and started to "gorge himself" following a course of insulin."

    At this point I should clarify, my tongue is so far in my cheek it's threatening to come out of my earhole!
  5. That'll be down to the pills, the Dr's, nurses, genetics, big bones, the Police. I'll guarantee it will be nothing that he's done.
  6. Definitely won't be due to gluttony.
  7. It's an oldy but it's a goody:

    ‪The Fat Sweaty Coppers Fast Show‬‏ - YouTube

    Who's paying his legal costs?
  8. According to his solicitor:"[...] he's on a very severely restricted calorie count of 400 to 500 calories a day, so it's not overeating."

    OK, so his solicitor could be lying through his teeth, but if this guy's really on 500 calories he's doing his bit.
  9. If the guy is on 500 calories a day, he'll be losing weight! He's either cheating or deliberately telling porkies
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  10. It's lies, it never happened in Ethiopia.
  11. Or eating the porkies. Which is cheating.
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  12. On reflection, we the Taxpayer should be sueing him for failing to look after himself and for failing to follow the quack's orders. He has been given expensive doses of insulin to inject in his fat arse and he's failed to do it. As with all obesity, this should be dealt with as a self-inflicted injury and he should be billed for his wastage.

    A quick look at Dr Wikipedia's website reveals:

    1. It is well known that insulin resistance commonly coexists with obesity.
    2. Sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of development of insulin resistance
    3. The primary treatment for insulin resistance is exercise
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  13. Has anyone told Stacker about this thread yet?
  14. Wrong. He needs some self-discipline. Shame you can't get that in Boots the Chemist.

    Ex-plod, too. **** me rigid.
  15. If this guy's really on 500 calories, a gastric band ain't gonna make a whole lot of difference...