Fat persons due for benefit cut.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Westminster Council are proposing to link the size or your waist to the amount of benefits you get.


    I thought this was something the ARRSE think tank proposed a while ago, but nice to see that something is being done. GPs would also be allowed to prescribe leisure activities like swimming and fitness classes and if you refuse to go then you will have your handouts cut.
  2. Woo Hoo! I'm rich!!!!!
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  3. Does it also apply to the civil serpents who hand the benefits out ? Otherwise claimants will simply complain of pots calling kettles black .
  4. Thousand of fat biffs in Pompey starve, Argos and Iceland goe bust, JJB and Sports Direct have a fire sale of huge, extra huge and marquee sized trackies.
  5. Gp's can ready send people to gyms and swimming baths, the fat people don't tend to go.
  6. And if they did , they'd only piss in the pool .
  7. But it's me hormones doctor shuffles off for more pies
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  8. Is this just a small litmus test to see how it'll go down before we have NHS PLC and the insurance companies take over.

    "What you've missed all your assigned gym classes and your diabetes is getting worse? Sorry but you've invalidated your health insurance, so therefore you are not covered for any treatment!"
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  9. Of course they don't. They are still waiting for the final and successful version of the miracle slimming pill that some tired tabloid runs a story about annually, thus enabling them to continue living off Iceland turkey twizzlers, takeaway pizza and some type of fried chicken derivative delivered to the doorstep by illegal immigrants, whilst playing the sims and watching Jeremy Kyle.
  10. very valid point

    When the penny ******* drops and we are all paying for substandard access to health care.....
  11. Strangely enough when you look through the medical records of an obese person or any unhealthy person you can see in chronological order how the conditions start stacking up.
    A patient I saw maybe ten years ago was obese, his excuse was sausages were cheaper than lean meat and that was all he could afford, when I suggested he didn't have to eat meat at all, he wasn't impressed. Usual health promotion advice now of course he's diabetic, he's moved from a walking stick to a wheelchair to a scooter, has chronic kidney disease, COPD, hypertenstion, high cholesterol, you can just see where it will end - prematurely.
  12. The only people i've referred that go are the mentally ill and recovering addicts.
  13. excuse me madam can we just check your liver function test?
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  14. Probably not far from the truth.

    Methinks that the zealots see a two tier medical system in the UK in the not too distant future.
    A drastically cut back bare bones NHS system with penalties for 'non compliance with defined norms' - and private insurance providing the top up services.

  15. Nah, the professional lard arses have just got the best news a Iceland customer can wish for!

    Overweight people 'live longer' study claims - Health News - NHS Choices