Fat People

I had to check this wasn't a 10 year old thread.

You dull cunt, I knew drivers were slow but you're just speshul.
Eh don't knock us drivers, we're the ones saving you're bloody arse.
Don't listen to him mate. You keep posting these awesome threads, there's a good chap.

Come on guys admit your weight, I want to reel out the fat knackers amongst us.
Listen you dull sockpuppet. How many times do you have to get banned before you get the hint? I hope your entire family die of carbon monoxide poisoning.
That was a wake up - mines 4'8" and weigh 260lbs - so my cocks obese then.
I'm 4'1" and 95kg. What's my BMI smartcunt?
Fuck. It turns out I am 3inches too short.

(Fnarr fnarr Oooer missus etc)
What's happened to the OP?

That was quick.
Ah right. :)


Book Reviewer
Sooner or later I am going to get pissed off doing this all on my own.

I'm 4'1" and 95kg. What's my BMI smartcunt?
Considering you went on the fastest weight loss program known to man I would say about 2.5

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