Fat People To Pay More For Airline Seats - Daily Torygraph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scabbers, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Can't do a linky but it the DT on-line version today has an article showing that it is already being done on some airlines (inluding some European carriers). Just the subject for fellow ARRSErs to erm....discuss. Remember this is NOT the NAAFI, but in your own time....Carry On !

    I feel that if they cannot fit in a seat, then they should pay for 2. Fatties make aircraft burn more fuel which puts up the price of travel. The cost is therefore spread amongst all the travelling public - yes even the svelte ones like me.

    Fatties should not be able to travel ? Frankly, I agree. They should only holiday in Blackpool where they properly belong.
  2. Personally I think that you should be weighed with your luggage so you have a combined total of say 17 stone. This means a skinny runt can take more luggage than a chunky one and a really fat bastard has to pay excess baggage for themselves and their luggage.
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  3. So how will they calculate costs? BMI? Weight? Body Fat %?
  4. Purely on weight, if you are 10 stone then you can take 7 stone of luggage before charge, if you are 16 1/2 stone then you have 7lb of luggage before coughing up for excess, if you are 20 stone you pay excess for your 3 stone of lard plus your luggage
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  5. Should tall people automatically be entitled to extra legroom? I'm 6'6" and I flew with Monarch once, the cheeky ***** wanted to charge me extra for an exit seat!

    Fat people do it to themselves, the worthless, disgusting, lazy, salad-dodging ***** - but my issue is genetic!

    I like the weighed-with-your-luggage idea though. 100kg sounds about right...
  6. Why not weigh passengers along with their baggage. Extra charges are made for overweight bags so why not for overweight passengers? A ticket should give you a set total weight allowance.

    I love travelling with the Mrs as she weighs about 6 stone soaked through so I get to spraed out a little (and a second go at the food on the rare occasion it is edible) but I hate travelling alone due to the fear induced when I see a fat person struggling up the aisle as I pray to a God I dont even believe in that they will not have the seat next to me!

    Not to mention the undisputable fact that fat people smell bad.
  7. While I feel sorry for tall people (I have no sympathy for fatties), I dont see why you should be entitled to more leg room. You paid the same price. Maybe airlines should offer the option to reserve the exit seats etc for a small fee. Some airlines do allow you to reserve a particular seat. Proper airlines often offer the service for free while budget airlines often charge as an optional extra for a reserved seat.
  8. How about a metal frame akin to the thing you have to test your hand luggage against. If you can't fit in this chair sized frame you pay extra.

  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Would you charge disabled people more if they need special 'accomodation'?

    And no, I don't count the morbidly obese as disabled!
  11. does an extra 10kg really bear a relevance on the amount of fuel used? I doubt it very much.

    the 20kg limit exists because of H&S. there are guys who have to load them into the plane don't forget, and that in a very confined space and ASAP.

    don't be fooled about it having anything to do with fuel consumption.
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  12. Would I charge disabled people more - if it was legal, and I was running a privately owned, profit making organisation, and they consumed extra resource - yes. Heartless, maybe, but entirely logical.

    Why does everyone think that their brand of special should get them something for nothing? If you consume more resource, it is perfectly fair to ask you to pay more for it whether it is your "fault" or not.
  13. Because I'm ******* awesome, that's why :wink:
  14. You can shout and demand all you like, once the hearing aids are out you will look like a loon at an ice cream fair.
  15. Mattb: And how much extra should we charge you to get your enormous ego on a plane?
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