fat people in the army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scorched_earth, May 27, 2006.

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  1. May have been done before , but cant find it if it has.

    Fat people in the army. Especially in teeth arms. How and why do they get away with it? Discuss. :x
  2. How do they get away with it....? By eating more deep fried pies?
  3. They should all be processed into bars of soap. But they are amusing as targets of bullying and to throw comments like "Get up the hill ya fat fcuk" and "Is that a jelly donut in your foot locker Pte Pile?"

    On a serious note though, the blokes haven't glimsed their button mushroom penises for years and the birds cultivate their own cottage cheese in the folds of flesh around their pendulous breasts. This on it's own is a good excuse to tie them up naked outside McDonalds with a large banner stating "STOP EATING BURGERS YOU FAT CNUTS"
  4. thats fucking brilliant
  5. All these diet plans are bollocks too. If your too fat it's just a matter of sums, either eat less or do more exercise or a combination of the two.