Fat people cost £75 more to bury

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Yeah, why did he say the increases in costs are appalling? Costs increase all the time, with all sorts of stuff, so why should this be any different? I agree that bigger people should pay more, if they take up more space, it sounds reasonable to me. (Speaking as someone who is not that big! :) ) Smilies seem to have disappeared again!
  2. Oh, my smile came up..... soz
  3. One thing that always annoys me about Bloaters is that when you check-in for a flight and your bag is 1-Kilo over you have to pay upwards of £8 in excess weight. So why is it that the Fat Cnut stood next in line that's some 6-8 stone heavier than me doesn't have to pay for all that extra weight? I mean, it's all going on the same fecking plane ...!

    They should have an 'All up Weight' that includes the passenger and their baggage.
  4. Surely if they're heavy, they drop down into the hole in the ground a lot quicker, thereby saving time? Do I win five pounds?
  5. Also when you use public transport and the fat f*ckers take up two seats how come they only pay one fare ?
  6. No, as gravity has the same effect on any weighted object, no matter how heavy. Seeing as you raised a smile though, you win your weight in cold gravy. Enjoy. ;)
  7. I complained about this recently on a connecting flight from Dubai. Initially I got up and asked to be moved straight away as the guys who ended up next to me were Russian, it got worse still when the fat f uck decided to sit next to me.

    I spoke to the stewardess and pointed out that he was not only taking up some of my seat but also stank of BO, not alcohol. She said she would do her best to move me but come back and said there where no other free seats in economy. Morale of the story is go business class I guess but I'm a cheapskate.
  8. In coincidence, Ive just read an electronic copy of the Nottingham Evening Post, and there is a story there about the costs of burial going up, thought it doesn't actually mention especially for 'larger' people...
  9. Do you get a discount if your thin :?: ----- :D :D
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Don't bury the fat knackers. Just think how much soap we could get by rendering them down.
  11. Especially the flights, you have to consider the space AND the weight.
  12. If I pay the £75 does that mean I get to kill them? <Rummages down back of sofa>
  13. So, they're charged more as the cemetary is short of room.
    Once they decompose, don't they take up the same space?

    No, hang on, I remember now. They're "Big Boned," that's what it is.

  14. Maybe they should be piledriven into the ground, would also save room