Fat Olympics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Dougal, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. In relation to the fat people thread and the Special Olympics thread, we now have the fat Olympics.

    One idea I had was taken from the Dog Track.

    1. You need 6 fat barstewarts.
    2. 24hrs prior to the race have them locked up without food.
    3. Swap the rabbit thing with either a jam dohnut or a piece of greasy KFC.
    4. Squeeze fat people into the traps.
    5. Release the food at a slightly slower pace than a rabbit.
    6. Go!!!!! Watch those fat feckers go, bet they could outrun a Cambodian with a dinner ticket. :lol:

    keep the ideas coming
  2. How about a Russian roulette type of affair using 6 fatties, a high bridge and six bungie cords one of which has no elastic inside the cord. Place your bets and then kick'em off. Winning bet paid on which of the fat cnuts gets his/her feet ripped off after a bit of gravity assisted blubber-freefall.
  3. The Fat person bungie jump competition has been suspended, awaiting more secure rope.

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  4. To make it better, have no elatstic in any of them.

    Trebuchet shot putt.

    Place fatty in a medieval Trebuchet and launch him/her onto a field of bar mines. The one who makes the largest crater wins a gold medal made of lard.
  5. How about drop half a dozen fat b'stards off a block of flats and bet on which one covers the largest surface area on impact
  6. ..or take a fatty, shuff a hand full of his belly blubber into a bush shredder and see how far it goes in before finding any nerve endings
  7. line up a load of fat pig and see how long it takes for them to blame their lack of self control on someone/thing other than their self....
    winner could be the first(wouldn’t take long) to start, or, the one how is last the longest not to mention it.. (again wouldn’t take long)

    could also so some kind of event which would have a kind of SAW(the film) approach to it.... where they are snatched from the street to take part in the fat Olympics without them even knowing about it until the last minute. (well its not like they would train for something).. then they are put into a situation were they are made to battle against each other for their life resulting in them valuing their life a lot more and get thin....
  8. We could have the "Bite Off". Chain a load of fatties to trees by their arms and about 10ft away deposit a Family bucket of KFC. Whoever chews their arm of in the quickest time wins, and gets to reap the spoils
  9. bowling, launch fatty down a ramp into several comedy oversize bowling pins

    Demolition- attatch fatty to crane, swing fatty at wall. fatty who breaks most of wall in a single swing wins cake.
  10. stick a load in a wrestling ring "royal rumble"
  11. use them as targets for the mongs coming off of the ski ramp from the special olympics thread.

    place fatty in a sauna with an 18 inch gap at the bottom of the door and a bag o donuts tantalisingly out of reach - the only way to them is thru the gap.
  12. lets get rid of fatties, tie them all to running machine's and put them in saunas, till there thin again, or dead. either way they will be better to look at....
  13. We already have fat olympics, its called 'worlds strongest man' ussually on channel 5

  14. And when they finished that they play darts
  15. Is Tennis part of the Olympics??