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Fat Man Walking

He's really stirred up interest in the US, some good news for a change. Got to admire the bloke for getting off his arrse I suppose but if he's as happily married as he says, isn't he walking the wrong way? You get a real sense of your children growing up when you're counting how many fast food restaurants you're passing in some hick town miles from where they are.

Victim of his own success, daddy's going to live but not with us dear explains his wife as she's just heard he's walked past another 27 fast food restaurants. Still there's always the L'Oreal advert, because you're worth it but not the MacDonalds one because he's probably not loving it.

Typically American, the guys got guts and less and less guts as the walking continues but one day he's going to have to stop and then? Wouldn't work in the UK, you'd be dragged off to do a Shredded Wheat advert, be on Richard and Judy's and mugged six times before falling to your death at Cape Wrath.


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Good on him - but it does sound a bit 'Forrest Gump'.

I hope he keeps up the fitness regime on his return to the nest.
Indeed, twas a Waah of the most obvious order. Trust a septic to take on Forrest Gump as his inspiration, he just needs to get shot in the arrse by elvis and catch some shrimp, then his life will be complete.
good on the fat lad, my idea of help would have been to lock all the fat Americans in a room and feed them bread a water for a year, but hes proved me wrong they are not all wasters. A few military personel could do with this sort of guts and determination, instead of winging about bad knees and shins.

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