Fat Loggie kills Moggie with Doggie

If you could have got in there that after the deed he put his PT kit on and went for a joggie........ we would never have believed you.

Saying that, what a cnut of the first water and hopefully the creature will be AGAI'd to death or slimness. Creature.
What a pair of worthless shits. They should have been banged up. Banned for life from keeping animals. Castrated (both of them pref with something rusty). Used for cleaning up nuclear waste and made to read every single one of Higgs boson's posts.
Cancer is to good for them.
Yesterday at his married quarters close to Colchester Barracks, Johnson complained that the sentences were ‘unfair’
He said: ‘Now we cannot go anywhere without fingers pointing. It will affect my career. I could possibly lose my job. Yuna has been to obedience lessons, there is nothing wrong with her whatsoever.

I say...


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