Fat Loggie kills Moggie with Doggie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. If you could have got in there that after the deed he put his PT kit on and went for a joggie........ we would never have believed you.

    Saying that, what a cnut of the first water and hopefully the creature will be AGAI'd to death or slimness. Creature.
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  2. ... and if he was also French?

    Froggie Loggies Doggy Kills Moggy.

    Sorry BTM, putting your bit in as well would just be ABSURD!
  3. What a pair of worthless shits. They should have been banged up. Banned for life from keeping animals. Castrated (both of them pref with something rusty). Used for cleaning up nuclear waste and made to read every single one of Higgs boson's posts.
    Cancer is to good for them.
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  4. For their community service, I suggest cleaning out the big cat enclosure at a safari park.
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  5. More likely he'd be from Middlesbrough, and hence a 'Smog Monster' (as I have the honour to be myself). And thus

    Smoggy Loggies Doggy Kills Moggy
  6. What a fat cunt.
  7. Yesterday at his married quarters close to Colchester Barracks, Johnson complained that the sentences were ‘unfair’
    He said: ‘Now we cannot go anywhere without fingers pointing. It will affect my career. I could possibly lose my job. Yuna has been to obedience lessons, there is nothing wrong with her whatsoever.

    I say...

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  8. the 'fat' (although he is is irrelevent), what a complete pair of cunts!
    I hope his badge and OC are cat owner.
    'It'll effect my career'.I hope so you shite!
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  9. I don't know what's funnier, the cat was called Rambo or that it takes going to court to make a fat fucking loggie sweat.

    He looks like a right sack of bastard.
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  10. You can make 'em sweat by mentioning PT, diet, salad and "we'd like to examine the contents of your hard drive"
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  11. If it had been raining that day and he had been out drinking the previous night? "Froggy Groggy Loggy Doggy kills Soggy Moggy".
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  12. I see an interview in this man's future. Followed by a life on the dole. What a shower of sheepscunt.
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  13. what if he was a non-caucasian person of an ethnic persusion featuring in a 1970's sit-com opposite Alf Garnet?

    I'll just ban myself shall I?
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