Fat kids make me angry

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fruitbat119, May 16, 2007.

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  1. This has probably already been done, but what the hell.
    Whilst finnishing a long and dull night shift, I was flicking through one of the year old publications that seem to inhabit my work space, and I started to feel my blood boil at the sight of a rather large child chowing down on a burger (the beef variety), upon reading the article I felt my rage increase, only made worse by the (I use the term loosley) "parent" complaining that "there should be health warnings" as well as "If I dont give them what they want I feel like an abusive monster"... and so on
    SCREAM that was it the paper flew across the room along with most of everything in its path.
    We've heard this all before - help, help my kid obease blah blah blah
    when are these thick tw@ts going to take resposability for the crap that enters their childs over swollen gullet!!!!
    Just one of the many things that really get my goat...
    So come on guys what really makes you loose it-
    NB saying this thred is not an answer... :twisted:
  2. Let's face it, if there were health warnings, these so called parents wouldn't be able to read them!

    I'm working on the basis that I may need my kids when I'm old and dribbly so helping them live longer makes sense :thumright:
  3. Shouldn't the title be 'Parents of fat kids make me angry', not fair to lay it on the kids themselves... Or can you! :)
  4. O_B I believe the parents were the fat kids or is it just the ones I've seen that are pushing prams?
  5. Don't blame the parents.. I feed my kids cakes and biscuits because it is quick and easy and saves me from having to cook for them.. I blame it on the school meals although that is being shook up now I believe because of that Jamie Oliver bloke.

    I have always fed my kids crap, they like it and only one of my kids is podgy. The fact also that junk food is generally cheaper also helps me save money each month so that I can go out on the razz..

    I actually think the reason one of my kids is podgy is more down to the fact that she has a slow metabolism rate...
  6. Slow metabolic rate! Big bones! suspect genes!! cannot stand hearing that sort of rhubarb from fat people. Whatever happened to a bit of exercise. Am pretty sure i must munch about 3k calories a day and i'm not chubby.
    There is no use for fat kiddies (except possibly as a target for bullying)
    (or bungee cording to tree's and whipping with ties).
  7. hear, hear. we also forgot to mention ye old im retaining water... No your retaing chips you wide load (possibly billy connerly),
    I may eat crap but at least im down the gym burning the f@ckers off rather than being sat in front of TV... rant over just angers me loads... :evil:
  8. Apparently I upset a fatty the other day.She couldn't accept I wouldn't call her a large girl or a big girl or a heavy girl.They dont liposuction large, heavy or big out the fat gits , it's fat that comes out.So they're fat, fat , fatty mcfat. :twisted:
  9. Bloody hell you won't be fat eating 3 kilo calories a day!!!

    A common misconception, a calorie is the amount of energy need to heat 1cc (1ml) of water by 1 degree centigrade. Because that’s a bloody tiny unit food packaging measure things in kilo (thousand) calories. Therefore the amount of energy needed to heat 1000cc (1 litre) of water by 1 degree centigrade.
    Look at the packaging the next time you have a chance and you'll see that it actually says kilo calories along with kilo joules.

    Yes I’m bored tonight.

  10. i got ripped to fcuk on e goat for launching a simular thread on e goat, more aimed at how scientists now claim there is a "fat gene" that causes obesity. Can see how a large proportion of crabs got their back up with it cos it was deemed a personal attack. as a smoker who gets taxed to fcuk, i'm starting a campaign to implement a fat tax. bang the tax on pringles, mcdonalds etc to make them pay for the cost to society. fat kids and adults deserve to be bullied and ridiculed to aid their weight loss.
  11. The FAT GENE :pissedoff:
    AARRRGGHHH utter nonscense
    It's the chip gene also know as McD gene :twisted:

    Don't get me wrong I have nothing against fatties that are trying to get thin,
    However when you get these self sympathetic, couch potatoes just lying there going " I eat coz im unhappy, but im unhappy coz I eat" ( austin powers... i think).
    Makes me wanna scream at them to put down the fork!!!!
  12. I've been in texas this week - I feel very anorexic.
  13. My kids are a little on the chubby side, and I'll hold my hands up and admit that I somtimes feed them "crap" coz its easier. But the majority of the time they eat good food. I agree completely with the "its not what you eat, its the amount of exercise you do". Schools these days dont seem to put as much into their pe lessons - we used to do pe 4 times a week... my kids do it twice.

    In fact - my girls joined a cross country club at school in their lunch hour. They were struggling to complete the course running and were walking around part of it. They were told "theres no point you being here if you're going to walk". To me, that is ridiculous. Surely it's better to be walking that to be sat indoors on a computer?? What kind of message is that sending them?

    I encourage my kids to go out and play - they have bikes, skates, the whole caboodle. They swim once a week aswell. And yet the schools are hampering my efforts by letting them eat chips and cheese for lunch, when they are supposed to make sure kids get a varied healthy diet at school.

    Kids of 11 years old should not be worried about what they look like, and yet often they come home from school in tears after being teased for being "fat". I'm determined that they wont become like me - a yo yo dieter who has the calorific breakdown of every food she eats imprinted on her mind. There are so many youngsters becoming anorexic these days its scary.
  14. You're right kids of 11 shouldn't be worried about what they look like.Their parents should be doing that worrying for them and making sure they are not setting their kids up for future problems.As for the school 'allowing' them to eat chips and cheese.Again it is down to the parent to ensure that , that is the only one of their meals that is so horrific or maybe even do a packed lunch for the child.As for your own eating problems , not dealing with their weight now is more likely to have that effect. The only time a child should be 'chubby' is as a baby. Other than that chubby is just another word for fat.
    Anyone who has gained weight and is fat for any reason other than medical is a fat git and only got there by eating too much and not exercising enough!