Fat Goth munter gets biffed on wedding day

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Goth's shag like whores and like it filthy. But they moan a lot.
  2. You mean they just lie there and wait for you to get it over with then? 8O
  3. You need to bung the Tarts more cash old boy :lol:
  4. Am I allowed to be entirely unsympathetic? What a pair of stupid looking individuals and don't start giving me all that 'it's a free world' crap. Bollox. I bet her mummy and daddy are very proud of their lovely daughter. Worst of all, for fcuks sake, no doubt soon they'll start breeding.
  5. No you don't have to be sympathetic but why should they get a good hiding for looking that way? I don't particularly like how Chavs dress, but I don't fill them in because they look ridiculous. I usually fill them in for fun.
  6. I like how her heroic boyfriend stood up for the fatty bwahahaha
    he was shaken = he is a mouse!
  7. Shame the groom didn't get filled in as well.Is that a wedding cake bauble stuck on his chin?. :D

  8. You don't need permission Queensman, I thought it was a requisite to be unsympathetic towards goths and their ilk :twisted:
  9. Or a prerequisite even

  10. Very good :wink:
  11. Good enough to biff a goth :twisted:
  12. Definately mate, would you though :D

    I would after a few bevvies :p
  13. Just a few :D
  14. Is it wrong to find this amusing, bet she didn't even see it coming. :roll: