Fat Fireman Fired in Scotland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pluvia_Plumbum, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. It's a fair point. You wouldn't want some lady, or kids, to be stranded on the 5th floor of a tower block and have to wait (or weight ;) ) for that fat fcuker to come.....well I was gonna say running......up the stairs to save them when there's a fire.
  2. I dont know its no different to waiting for the RLC to show up

    Cheap shot I know

    Taxi and coat please
  3. Thankfully they dont do it in the army. There would be very few AGC troops left!!!!
  4. I don't see why the FBU can have any gripes over this, there are fitness tests in place and I personally think that if you can't pass them and don't do anything about trying to pass them then it's goodbye. There are a lot of other jobs that have fitness tests and people fail them and nothing is done about it.
    What is the Army's policy on failing fitness tests these days? Not a Wah just not sure what there current thinking is.
    Anyhow they could always use the big fella as some sort of bouncy council for the kids on open days!
  5. I think the FBU was trying to say this morning that he should have been offered some type of desk job (I was half asleep and more interested in her of BBC's legs). Of course, if there wasn't a post available for him to be redeployed to then the fat fcuk has only himself to blame for rendering himself unemployable.

    I truly loath fatties and their endless excuses.
  6. The FBU has just stated that he isnt over weight he is in fact under height for weight!!!
  7. Maybe he could of be used as a self propelled air cushion for stranded people to jump onto from top floor windows?

    Gives him a job and saves the Brigade money on hardware, he even self heals when damaged!
  8. Short fat f*cking fireman then?
  9. Another f ucking "pie-a-betic" who should be hounded out of his job, stripped naked and forced into the street where passers by can laugh at his overweight bloated body...

    What's his "standard issue firemans days off job"? chief pie taster for greggs?

    Can you imagine that fat c unt huffing and puffing his way about on a shout, and starting to sizzle like an economy burger in the heat of the fire?

    Still, doesn't surprise me the FBU will be up in arms about it.... they get mardy if you dare to mention anything about actually being fit for role, and doing your f ucking job.

    Firemen.... I've sh-it em..... well, not that one like, he'd be a colon blocker and no mistaking...
  10. We place a large amount of trust in the Fire Brigade so that in the event that if they are needed to assist us then they are capable of doing the job. This one individual would clearly not be up to some of the ardous tasks that a fire officer has to face and therefore members of the public would potentially be put at risk in view of this. He joined as a fire fighter and therefore should have kept himself in shape to do the job, in my opinion he has failed in his duty and the paid the price as a consequence. Good decision by his bosses to get rid, no doubt after giving him many warnings first.

    Some weeks I can work up to 70-80 hrs and I can manage to keep myself fit and my job doesnt even really require me to be particuarly fit, its just a matter of self pride and having a bit of respect for myself in my case.
  11. All we require now is a fat ambulance man and we've got the full set! We had the fat copper last week now this chap, come on ambulance service, roll out your lardies!
  12. Ahh J-D, - the FBU will moan for moaning sake, get the fat fcuker reinstated and then when someone dies (one of their members!) because the fat fcuker can't do his job properly they'll sue the employer for not sacking the fat fcuker!!

    I don't have a major problem with firefighters but the FBU simply aren't worth p1ssing on even if on fire.
  13. Fat bastard.

    Although, I can't talk I failed my last PFT, but at least I'm not a chubster.

    I cannot believe they want to take strike action over this, man the **** up firemen.
  14. Thereby meeting the official policy of having a police service that reflects the society it protects. Watch out, 'cos we'll have drug addicted, benefit cheating coppers next..

    Oh and as far as the fat fireman goes, good riddance.