Fat Fatherless at Sheffield train Station. Was it you?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lairdx, May 19, 2005.

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  1. I have posted this in the Int Corps Forum although am Infantry myself.

    Now I aren't having a go at your corps....but....

    While on leave recently i saw one of those green hats, which you lot seem so keen on, on the head of an extremely fat Lt. Some might say he was obese (I would. He was a right fat fcuker.) He was in his 95s waiting at Sheffield train station. he looked like a bag of shit although clearly thought he was the dogs danglies.

    My point is this - He was not an impressive individual yet was in a very public place overtly saying "I'm a soldier" If uniform is going to be worn in public it should at least look good. I can't see young lads looking at him and thinking 'I want to be a soldier like him'

    I thought even your desk jobs had to have a basic level of fitness. he could have been a walt but the uniform looked right (Sadly he looked sh1t in it.) Stable belt, beret looked shaped, neatly pressed shirt etc.

    Is this the norm for your corps. I must admit I think he was an extreme case. If it helps to iD him he had a red MP flash on his sleeve. it was certainly an int corps capbadge.

    If he's an MP I would struggle to find a soldier who couldn't outrun/outfight him if he was after them.

    I hope he is reading this. If you are think on it. perhaps you should get into better shape... maybe you're just Big Boned? :twisted:

    Anyway - If I see you at the station in your uniform again I'm going to have words - At least wear a civvie track suit over it or something. you are presenting a negative image of the army.
  2. An MP flash with an Int Corps beret? Doesn't sound at all right to me: I think you've just seen a fat Walt.
  3. Sounds like a 'Walt'........no self respecting 'bill oddie' would wear RMP Flashes.

    Then there are those members of the RMP :twisted:
  4. Not RMP mate. Just MP
  5. You sure it was an MP badge?

    Could it have been a 12 Mech flash? Is also red and is worn in roughly the same place?
  6. Some additional questions?

    1. Was he not AGC, (not that I am accusing the AGC of all being fat)?

    2. You say he was a Lt, was he young (as in early to mid 20s) or older? Very rare to see an older Lt.

    3. What makes you think that all our jobs are desk bound?

    Pretty much sounds like a walt to me. People in our Corps tend to be a little more switched on to personal security than most by not going out in uniform. Or is that just the older generation?
  7. I know all the lads and lasses in 12 Mech Int Sect and they are not fat. Besides they are all off in sunnier climes at present. There is however, a pretty rotund clerk in 12 Mech. I wonder.....?
  8. It should be that we are all switched on about personal security - regardless of cap badge. I hate seeing people driving in to work wearing their greens, just making themselves a target.

    Also, doesn't the current threat and alert state dictate that military uniform should not be worn in public? I may be mistaken about this or it may be local brigade policy.
  9. AGC is another possibility, their beret is almost exactly the same shade as ours and the RMP do come under them. The reality is that the Int Corps is required to meet the same basic fitness standards as everyone else in the army. Of course, you do get the odd fatso - I'm thinking now of a late OC of 22 Coy, who I always thought should have had two canopies on his para wings - but they are rare. I can't think of anyone current who fits this description.
  10. Might have been AGC - they have plenty of fatties but this guy wasn't just over weight he was a disgrace.

    i'm pretty sure that the capbadge was int corps.

    I am aware that not all int jobs are desk jobs - but even a desk job in the army have to pass the basic fitness test or whatever it is fashionably called now.

    Age? he was younger than me probably 25-28ish

    As for personal security i travel to work myself in my uniform but I always wear a jumper or civvie jacket (fastened up at the front not open) over the top of it. when you are in the car it's ok. i wouldn't catch a train in it.

    he might have been a walt but if so he'd gone to a lot of effort.
  11. Unfortunately, I know for a fact that some COs actively encourage the wearing of uniform outside as it keeps the Army in the public eye. Of course, they are all our friends over the water now aren't they. This subject merits a thread of its own.
  12. Personally I never go anywhere wearing 'Tree stuff'......in fact my hair is too long and my neighbours are convinced I bought the house from Annington!
  13. Quite right too, in my opinion, but it needs to be done sensibly. I'm not bothered about stopping at my local supermarket in uniform but I probably wouldn't use public transport and there are, of course, plenty of places where uniform might be seen as a provocation of some sort.

    But my recollection is that even on the occasions where off-duty military personnel were targetted and attacked in the mainland UK, it primarily happened around military bases and garrisons where, whether the victims were in uniform or not, it was fairly obvious who they were.
  14. I'm in sheffield again today - I'll keep an eye out for him and if he is a walt I will expose him. If he isn't he will unfortunately be an officer and I will have to rely on my grizzled countenance to ensure he is too terrified to take offence...

    ...If he's an MP he can burn off some flab by chasing me around the station

    fat Fcuckwit try to catch slippery lairdx GO!
  15. He was there!!! Not in uniform this time but a smart (If a little tight) Suit. I thought what the fcuk and decided to quiz him anyway - TA apparantly although he did try to make out he was in the Regulars until he found out I was.