Fat Duck - 400 Pat n Mick!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Heston Blumental's restaurant "The Fat Duck" was closed due to folk getting pat n mick with food poisoning. The Beeb now reports 400 sick.

    Beats John Barr the Butcher's record by far.

    Risk it for a brisket???

    Considering that you face a hefty fine for each person that gets ill plus a prison term, I'd say his goose is cooked.
  2. I considered popping in for the taster menu. It's a bit pricey but worth a shot.

    He's closed the resaurant until he's found out why people are ill.

    To be fair to HB (too much effort to type his name) he uses the highest standard of food, and has a reputation for a clean kitchen etc, so it's a mystery as to why people have turned green.
  3. It has been definitvely proven by independent tests that its NOT food poisoning. Wind your neck in.
  4. Ease up Carcass!! Goburei!!!! (my bad).

    As a fully trained civvy chef (once I left the green team the first time) I know the risks and penalties involved - believe me.

    I have the BBC News 24 channel on at the moment and only going by what they say...

    Carcass... Hmmmm... probably make a good stock with that...
  5. Added this post for;

    Mong-ness in the first place,
    Speed reading in the second place,
    Just for being me - in third place as usual

    Good on him for shutting the place toot "sweet".

    I jumped the gun (I was kack at running anyway) but I have to admit it did make me laugh my arrse off though!! :D :D

    Mods.. bin this thread if you will, I got it wrong.

    Damn!!! Drat and double drat....
  6. As soon as he realised that there was a problem, as a precaution he closed the place down and arranged for EHO to come in and investigate. The food trail from farms and suppliers was checked and nothing was found. It then became obvious to the EHOs that the problem wasn't food related when a couple who had eaten there recovered from their illness only for their children, who hadn't eaten there, to become ill with the same symptons.
    PA, if you get chance to go and eat there when it opens again, do it, it is an experience you won't forget.
  7. Fair play to him for closing down the place until it is established what the cause of the problem is. Maybe something wrong with the water for example.
  8. Most likely a virus - restaurants are excellent enclosed spaces to spread nasties around. As mentioned above, a couple of parents gave it to their kids (who hadn't eaten at the restaurant) so that seems likely.
    Norovirus is doing the rounds again this year in hospitals, I'd bet on this.
  9. Mm, I agree.

    I mean, 17 people, at the start, was fair enough, and was plausible. As soon as it gets news coverage, rockets to 400 people. Hmm, funny that....

    Cash in, anyone? Or maybe I'm just a cynical fecker, in regards to someone trying to cash in out of something. Likely as not, it'll be the norovirus - wasn't there a cruiseliner that got a load of people infected with it, due to two people having it, when they came on to it, last year, or the year before?

    Likely as not, Heston with his absinthe jelly, isn't to blame, more his customers.
  10. Perhaps it was when they realised they were paying £130 per head for the taster menu?
    Mind you, if I had a bit to spare, it is the sort of occasion I would like to try out as a one off special with the missus.
  11. That's why you're a homo!! :)
  12. Well go to McDonalds then you unadventurous fcuker ;)
  13. Given the (alleged) numbers involved and the negative tests on the food norovirus would be number one suspect. Its not beyond the realms of possibilities that someone in the kitchen had it and continued to work. If so they are deeeeeeeeeeeeeep sh1t.
  14. You can get Steak and chips in a Hungry Horse! Some people understand the finer things in lfe, other don't I suppose.
  15. Again.....finer things in life ;)