Fat Dogs and Englishmen!

This struck me as an extraordinary case - presecuting dog owners for letting their dog get too fat.

Surely, if anyone was to face prosecution for this sort of neglect, it MUST be the parents of FAT KIDS!!

As the father of three children, I can't help but notice the dreadful numbers of overweight and obese children flubbing around. Letting one's child get in to such a state is ABUSE. Why are the knobs who bang on about smacking children not creating about this kind of REAL mistreatment?

Rant rant rant.........

chalky - he never went over the side did he. Mrs Stein is sad that he's gone and chuffed to NAAFI that rick is out of the mix...
What makes no sense is that they are allowed to keep the dog!

Try that when you next on court for abusing kids.

"If I admit do I get keep one?"
Fat Dogs & Englishmen? Sounds like a night in the Sin Bin in Med Hat.

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