Fat Dog

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dog at 11 stone shown on TV news. Charge was causing cruelty or suffering to dog by making it morbidly obese. Animal could only stagger couple of steps and then collapsed until it got breath back. They got off because they came up with some story about arthritis limiting dog's ability to exercise and "foor was it's only comfort"

  3. Not for much longer - Tony wants a "Fat Tax" :lol:
  4. That is one freaking huge mutt!! It would feed a Korean village for a week!!
  5. I believe that Fido there is now legally defined as a bear. Or possibly a heavy goods vehicle.
  6. Fat dogs? FFS, I thought I was going to recognise some names here.
  7. oooohhh! that big pink tongue and gob is just waiting to filled with man sausage...

    has anybody checked to see if they've been feeding copious amounts of porridge 8O :lol:

  8. The thing is now there is not even a licence to own a dog , So they have no idea who as what . The thing is people think dogs are like a doll when they get fed up with it they don't care for it properly.

    The government should introduce a licence and a care plan for the particular dog with nutrition advise .

    Most schools now teach children about nutrition , perhaps our government should make parents with unhealthy children to attend some type of classes where they are taught how to prepare and eat proper foods etc where they can be taught about healthy eating etc
    The thing is parents are so busy working these days they don't have the time and resources to sit down to a meal every day .

  9. What is your planet doing for an idiot while you are here, Chubb?

    Your parents* should take your advice.

    *A selection of inmates from Broadmoor as a dad and a crack whore for a mother.

  10. Utter bowlacks!

    On a similar vane, on TV t'other day a presenter claimed that parents couldn't afford healthy / well balanced meals for their kids, hence they bought turkey twizzlers etc....never heard so much sh!te in me life!

    I'm all for a fat tax, why should i pay the same for my airline tickets, clothes etc as somebody that's twice size / weight as me?
  11. The dog has been referred to the Daily Mirror as being the Vanessa Feltz of the animal world. That's outrageous!! If I was the dog I'd sue the arrse of the Mirror for comparing me with the humungous fat sweaty heffer 8O
  12. colour wave long walk short pier