Fat Cnut ? Want To Loose It For Free ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by CptDanjou, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Ive been a desk jockey for some years now and until recently getting very little exercise ,3 stone overweight and late 40`s ,so 4 months ago I decided to do something about it .

    First month walking 2 -3 miles every other day with the dog , fast pace so getting a sweat on , second month 5-6 miles and month three 6 + miles every other day with the odd 20 miler once or twice a month, no running or anything else other than a bit of stretching.

    From month one I cut right down on carbs , cereal for breakfast , lunch is crackers with tinned fish / lean meats and plenty of tomatoes and fruit , evening meals pretty much the same as usual , meat and veg but cut down on the potatoes , hardly eat bread at all, I have a pig out day on Saturdays and eat what ever I want and drink plenty of real ale .

    Result : I`ve lost 3 stone in just under 4 months ,lowered blood pressure, no longer get back trouble , just a few knee twinges hence Ive avoided running ,but now Ive got the bug I do intend to start running maybe twice a week but on soft terrain ,now the nights are closing in I`m thinking of re joining a local gym which should strengthen my back and upper body even more .

    So fat cnuts who want to loose it you have no excuse , it cost me zero on special foods , supplements , diet books or gym fee`s to loose 3 stone.
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  2. Bet it cost a bit to get 3st overweight in the first place though.
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  3. Men loose weight so easily compared to females :( it's very unfair.

    But anyway, well done.
  4. Rubbish.
  5. I will second that my man!

    Simple mathematics; burn off more than you put in.

    Now get out running MrsBee you slovenly soldier you! And put the cakes away.:)
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  6. Do **** off. Women struggle to lose weight because they skip breakfast, 'give in to' chocolate and fail to break a sweat at the gym.
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  7. How women tend to exercise/diet.

    "I've just eaten a whole cake, I must do some exercise"

    * does 10 mins in front of z-list celebs workout DVD, phone rings...spends 2 hours exercising gob*

    "oooh, that workout was hard...I shall reward myself with a cake"
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  8. Slovenly soldier?

    She's "wife of".
  9. Then there is no point/hope for her anyway.
  10. No honestly they do, men burn calories faster then women so when each sex decides to deficit their calorie intake by the same percentage the men still expend more kcal. They also use up more calories when exercising than a woman would.

    Men are built to use up energy fast and easily replace it, as Neanderthal man had the tools and strength to go out and catch the higher calorific foods. Women are built to store energy easily incase they loose their food source or are unable to go out and collect nutrition due to child rearing.

    I mean obviously modern day living means counteracting this is very easily done with a healthy lifestyle and exercise so it's not a excuse to be fat, but studies have shown men can loose weight faster than their female counterparts. I'd link you to a academic journal but you wouldn't be able to access it so it would be pointless.
  11. A few years ago I managed to get rid of several stones of ugly fat.

    She's now known as the former Mrs CB.
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  12. you cut off your head?
  13. I have not drunk any alcohol now for three weeks (and one and a half days, to be precise!) - joking aside, the weight has just dropped off and I've lost about 2 inches off my neck and round my paunch :)

    However in about six hours time I will start celebrating Trafalgar Night so I imagine that all that good work will be undone in one fell swoop.
  14. If all that makes you feel better about your fat ass, so be it.
  15. Cheeky sod, I don't have a fat ass!