Fat chicks.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hardshaw, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Yeah they feel reel nice (like one huge breast) and try harder between the sheets but you cant be seen in public with em.........solutions anyone??

    yep try searching for one of the existing threads on this topic and add to that - hooped. mk

  2. Yes, stick to fucking men you honcho weasel.

    Hope this helps.
  3. You could allways go down the 'fat girls and feeders' route?!

    All you have to do is get yourself shares in all the major fast food companys and feed her till she is soooo fat she needs to have a wall knocked down to get her out via an airlift. Before long she wont be able to fit through the door! Problem solved!
  4. Take it your birds a bit of a porker then??
  5. Then get her to join the RAF so she is a fat chick in a uniform!! :D
  6. skywalker your a genius :lol:
  7. Why thank you kind sir!
  8. If my bird was a porker I would be giving you advice which the civilian element that infect this site would give.

    It would be along the lines of "they are beautiful on the inside", "big is beautiful", "it's my glands" etc ad nauseum.

    However my initial advice did not follow that tedious route, it was abusive from the start and destined to ultimately annoy you.

    Now fuck off "feeder" and stick to humping men as you are undoubtedly a civvie homo.

    Hope this has helped you in your dilemma. Failing that burn yourself whilst stapled to one of your obese conquests.
  9. Hhhm geordie ever thought of anger management? Seems more like its me whose annoyed you. If you didnt care you wouldnt have responded. So I'll give your own advice back to you 'she's beautiful on the inside'. Dont be ashamed of the fat mess, you probably couldnt have done any better. At least when you go to punch lumps outta her she's got a bit of extra padding :p
  10. STOP!!!

    Right let's get everything ready..

    Beer... Check
    Popcorn.... Check
    Comfy Chair... Check
    n00b making an ass of himself.... Check

    Ok I'm ready you may continue.
  11. you were never going to get a straight answer here mate.
  12. you forgot the saying

    in every fat bird there`s a thin bird crying to get out etc

    maybe once apon a time there was:)

    fat birds are fine if your a 2min wonder other than that your basically shagging an oversized burger(without the nice tasting relish)
  13. bloody lag

  14. Presumably because the fat bird ate the thin one?