fat chicks


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After fcuking a fat chick whilst I was drunk, the next morning I said to her, "Here, if you want to see me again call this number."

"Awww, men don't usually give me their numbers," she responded.

I said, "It's not mine. It's Weight Watchers."
"She was a fulsome wench, upon her one could lay for a thousand years and never require a mattress"
Only bird I know with her own post-code.
She stepped out in the road and I ran out of fuel trying to avoid her


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she used to play rugby, her position was scrum!!!
i woke up with this fat bird the other morning looked at her and said " i'll never get over a woman like you,get up and make the tea yourself"
she said "i want you to make the earth move for me" i said "where the fuck will i get a JCB this time of the night"
She didn't have a face to launch a thousand ships.......

...but if she'd been launched ay the same time she would have made an equal splash.

I went with a fat bird ONE time, the shadow of her arse wieghed 20lbs


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how do you shag bigbird?

roll her in flour and aim for the wet spot.
how do you shag bigbird?

roll her in flour and aim for the wet spot.
My understanding is that BB is "big" as in "Tall" - otherwise, if you're at all uncertain regarding female anatomy, your plan's a good un! :)
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