"Fat Chav" Insurance Claim Form Leaked

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WalterWarry, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Surely the chap in question is entitled to describe the incident as he sees fit. He is entitled to his opinion. Normally the form asks for your version of events!
  2. And a very artistic version of events it was, too! :D
  3. This was doing the rounds a while back. Whilst I fear it is a hoax - I do so wish it to be the genuine article.
  4. Even if it were a hoax it still makes a valid point about people screwing the system. I worked with a Mormon who was constantly making whiplash claims. One she called her "new carpets". I also knew a bloke constantly tripping up on pavements and claiming for his injuries. Cnuts the lot of them.
  5. Deserves all he gets for saying he "broke". You mean braked tosser!

    My daughter used to work for a national vehicle insurance assessors. The majority of dodgy claims were from Asians. That's a fact, not racism!
  6. Funnily enough the bloke I knew who kept on tripping over paving stones was also Asian.
  7. Asians were running an insurance scam a few years ago on the A666 between Bolotn and Blackburn, They would take out their brake lights, overtake on the unlit stretch of road at night and then stop anchor on right in front of another car. They were making a fortune out of it until they did it to an unmarked cop car!
  8. The 'chap' is not the one under investigation. AIG want to know who leaked the form to the internet.

    I once described a troublesome neighbour as 'a fat foul mouthed inebriated pilled up diddicoy' to a local councillor in a letter. He agreed with the description 100%.
  9. Epic, I wish I came across claims like this when I was with Kwik Fit :L
  10. a chav up our way went to the police claiming that someone broke into his garage, pushed his car out, took his new wheels off his car, put old wheels back on it and pushed the car back into the garage and locked it up again. he asked the plod if he could have a crime number so that he could claim from his insurance.
  11. Brillient... but not the leaking bit.
  12. Tell it like it (probably) is.......

    No doubt 'Miss P' will allready be on her prepay mobile to some ambulance chaser who advertises in the Scum, asking how much she can get for being leaked to the media as a fat chav.

    'Cos I ain't no chav an that's well out of order innit; an I won't be able to ever get a job now, what wiv the whiplash an the trauma of being called a chav on the internet n' all that, an I ain't fat it's me glands and exercise allergy........' Ad Nauseam.
  13. Makes a change from "The tree jumped out in front of me!"
  14. Enough, please enough it's all too much. I've already pis sed myself with laughter. Effing funny posts.