Fat Chance - The Jacksons

Up late doing some studying and I've got the tv on in the background - well it's opposite me really, so I can look up and get "distracted" when I want.

Just watched a prog - couldn't take my eyes off it actually - called "Fat Chance" on ITV, its a repeat but my gawd!!!!

One weight loss family called the Jacksons - talk about chavs, obese and lippy??

The mother was an absolute star, car crash tv at its best.

She should be taken out and harpooned - anyone else seen this???
brettarider said:
No but talking of trash TV I want to see the Welsh munter Maureen from driving school back on TV as i have a stiring in my loins for her :wink:
You're a sick puppy brettarider or should that be maureen rider. :D

I couldn't believe what I was seeing last night - sure the mongo fat chav was on wife swap at one time too!!!

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