Fat cats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. From Times 23 Feb this year.
  2. Hmmm Not sure how exactly MPs salaries are linked to the Civil Service median - unless they multiply it by 4. (and x9 for Cabinet)

    In the 70's an MP was paid the same as an Executive Officer, I believe.

    I think an EO (or equivalent) now gets around £15k

    Funny how the MPs all want to get rid of Civil Servants to drive down cost.. I don't remember any plans to downsize the House of Laughter though?

  3. yeah - I've never heard of a poor ex-MP. They can also retire when they choose to - or take an LE commission in the House of Lords.

    Thieving scum. I thought they were supposed to represent the will of the people - i.e. their respective constituents - but they're more likely to feather their nests withg taxpayers money, followed by lucrative (dodgy) contracts.
  4. Ah, but you're interpreting the 'representative' element as a delegate role. I think you'll find that that the majority of MPs across the parties feel that they are representatives of their constituents in a "mother knows best" capacity... :roll: :evil:
  5. overpaid and under-educated... most of the decisions that they make are to beniffit them and not the parish...

    scrap it all and start again..