Fat burners.

I ask this question merely out of interest, im trying to put weight on rather than loose it.
A guy at work is spinning a dit that fat burners such as thermabol are going to be on the CDT list of substances. For those that dont know thermabol is available in ASDA and Tesco as well as many other places and is perfectly legal.
So firstly is this true and if it is how would they test for it, seeing as its made from a high amount of caffeine, green tea and orange peal.
To me it all sounds like a load of rubbish as I dont see how you could be sacked for taking something that is legal and im fairly sure it wouldn't stand up at an employment tribunal.
Products like that used to contain ephedrine. I used to take it regularly and it never came up in CDT, but it's banned in sport so it might make sense.

There's nothing like that in them now.
eat then exercise to burn more than what you eat to loose weight.
eat more than you burn to put weight on.

All that supliments do is make the manufacturers wallets fatter.

The CDT will look for amphetamines and not caffeine or tea.
Disappointed with the thread. I thought something about fat burners in military discipline would involve large candles and ladies in uniform with whips.
It's amazing how few people know or believe this... But you never saw a fat prisoner in a concentration camp did you?
But then you do see people who eat 'healthy' salads, sandwiches, etc not realising how many calories are in them.
Like I say im not planning on using them, just wondered if anyone knew if the dit was true or not.
Probably in the pipleline - Donkeys years ago I remember when cough mixture called Veno's and tablets called 'chesteze' were deemed as potentially naughty - Venos contained Ephidrin and Chesteze was a tablet that helped open the airways - bit like ventolin - you could but them over the counter back then....and as for Kaolin and Morphine...well thats another story
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