Fat Boy Dim Prescott looking for Thai Brides

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AsterixTG, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. ...at least he's got normal tastes.
  2. The Mouth of the Humber strikes again.
  3. I bet the fat twat is scrubbing his hard-drive even as we speak.
  4. You've not seen Pauline then?
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  5. She spent many a time loitering on the steps of the Merchant Navy hotel waiting for Prezza..... I assumed she was waiting for him. :)
  6. Looks as if fatboy's managed to make the DM take the piece down.
  7. Just for the record (as Prescott applauds honesty, openess and integrity)

    "John Prescott has become caught up in a bizarre Twitter row after accusing Tory Minister Grant Shapps of advertising ‘Thai brides’ on his website. The former Deputy Prime Minister made the astonishing claim when he told his followers on Friday: ‘NEW – Tory minister advertises Thai brides on his website... another @grantshapps internet fail.’ But when Lord Prescott’s followers clicked on the site belonging to the Housing Minister, they were left baffled as there was no evidence of women being advertised. Mr Shapps then heaped embarrassment on Lord Prescott by pointing out that the pictures he had seen had been generated by advertising software that had tracked previous internet searches on the peer’s computer. Mr Shapps messaged back: ‘Ads are rendered based on previous browser use – found a bride yet John? Wouldn’t mention it to your Mrs"

    Conservative Home
  8. Scary to think that the daft twat was Deputy PM not long ago.
  9. Indeed, now the fat knobber is safely ensconced in ermine in the House of Lords, an institution that he spent many interviews saying he would abolish. Not happy with the financial gravy train the Lords will provide, he wishes to become the elected chief constable of Humberside, with the trappings and perks that brings along £75K salary etc.

    Socialists who preach that we should all share our wealth, rarely share theirs, while grabbing for the prestigious jobs with large fat salary cheques!
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  10. I am sure when he is putting his oar into operational matters he will be a font of wisdom.

    Now matter what he says, when crime commissioners set priorities and financial priorities they are shaping operational matters. He'll play as much politics with policing as he has every other train set he had.

    At least Blair went off and got other political non-jobs. This one had to be "enobled" into the House of Lords for lack of ability.
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  11. Hahaha, now thats mighty funny!
  12. Link doesnt work, has it been covered up?
  13. It's been pulled - he was probably was searching for 'Pie Bribes', not 'Thai Brides'.

    Stupid - as said, extremely scary that he was allowed to get even close to the corridors of power.

    That said, I saw a really gorgeous Thai woman the other day.
    I kept saying to myself “Don’t get an erection, don’t get an erection”.
    But she did.
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  14. This man, Mr. Prescott, is living proof that democracy is dangerous.

    Barely literate; almost certainly innumerate; adulterous; lacking in intellect; physically repulsive, the oaf exemplifies not only the dangers of democracy, but the stupidity of the House of Lords as it exists following the spiv Blair's destruction. I despair when I realise this moronic clown was so very close to the ultimate 'power' of the land.
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