Fat birds with no tops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. As I was driving around the highways and byways of south Herts this morning; I couldn't help but notice the surprising number of fat birds in kabriollays... er... cabrollies... er.... motors with no tops. It was actually the sight of the slipstream a-whipping the humongous bingo wings of one beauty in a BMW that put me on to this in the first place.

    Is this a regional phenomena or have other eagle eyed ARRSERS spotted the same? Is there any correlation 'tween fatness of bird and make/type of jam jar?
  2. Don't know about cabriolets but I do know that the smaller the woman the larger the 4x4 she will try to kill me with will be.
  3. I can honestly say, im disapointed in this thread!

    for obvious reasons, Diehard for shame!!!!

    but, i think if its female has sunglasses on and is in a topless model she would get it, not sure why its just a thing of mine.

    now talk about tits will ya?
  4. Somebody should tell these mingers that just because they make it in their fat ass bingo wing size, doesn't mean they should buy one and inflict their rolls of stretch marked flesh to the male population!
  5. Poof.
  6. Obviously of no relevance (well, a little bit!)

    You missed a bit.....

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  7. Poof.... oh, the magic dragoon, oh, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.... see that constipated man, that's you that is :D
  8. Didnt know BMWs came with a cleaning kit :lol:
  9. Give a damn. There's just more fat birds for us real men. :wink:
  10. Oh, I'd shag em, I just don't want to up-chuck looking at them wobbling their wings whilst distracting me from really fit women! 8)
  11. Stry away from the "arrse crawl" section in the gallery then. It's enough to burst your retinas.

    Fat, sweaty birds (all civvies) lovin' the angry c0ck. Apparently it makes them feel special being singled out for a bukkake special.

    News Flash: Squaddies will hump anything, you aren't lookers. What you are though defies belief!!
  12. Do you know how dangerous it is on the M25 on a bike? The added distraction of what you describe would have me chucking my bike at the scenery. Slightly OT but there is a gorgeous 25 YO bird lives across from me and she dresses very liberally. My WONDERFUl 11 YO daughter has just coaxed her in to 30 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline in my garden. It was the best thing I have ever seen !
  13. Using one's own sprog to procure totty in such a way is dispica...... hang on, why didnt I think of that - I salute you!