Fat biffs and Burkinis


Nigella Lawson hits Bondi beach in a burkini | Mail Online

Now that the weather has turned nice, they should be made mandatory for the landwhales that pollute the British seaside.
So you have a chubber fetish?
Looks like she has a bulge in her trousers. I lost the urge, bitch.


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Can they dish them out at Stanstead, Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Luton (should be a lot of spares round here) to all the monstrous fatties going on tour to shagaluf and such like too? I know most Johnny foreigners hate us but we don't want to compound the issue by letting our tattoo'd lard - buckets make them violently ill too!
and you'd all kick it out of your beds then? Personally, I would, but only if she was going to do breakfast. Don't forget, if you cant poke a Princess, pound a pig! :)


Its a photo shoot for the advert for her new range of "Boil in the Bag Dumplings"
WTF ? whatever happened to Baywatch ? I know the thong is no longer in fasion but that is taking it to extreems .

The Thong is only no longer fashionable to British girls. Primarily because the majority of them, spend to much money in Gregs.

When we go to the hallowed sands on Nissi Beach the majority of the edible varieties of the female species that are wearing them, and wearing them well I hasten to add, are the Eastern European girls.

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