Fat bastards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, May 8, 2011.

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  1. They are everywhere It's like a virus. Dieting ? I don't think so. Shooting off a few rounds to make them dance doesn't work either because they've usually got dainty little legs to transport their huge guts to the next meal. Don't kid yourself...fat women are not fun sex, they are ugly. Fat men are cnuts saying 'Your arms are not long enough to reach my tiny little head and punch it the way you want to'. Something needs to be done about this besides closing down every sausage roll outlet in the country.
  2. you protest too much.
    you really want some fat leather clad cunt
    to fist you up your dainty mudbutton.

  3. There were hundreds of the stinking, sweaty, wheezing moving road block at twickers yesterday. It takes them half an hour to walk up two flights of stairs holding up everyone behind them, but, come half time they can move fast enough to get to the front of the queue for a pint and a pie.
  4. pah.there was forty seven thousand of the fat geordie cunts at sid james park yesterday.
  5. Instead of free gastric bands and mobility scooters, Fatties should be given a free 60" 3D LCD TVs ... powered only by a exercise bike.
  6. I would love to mentally torture a fat twat by chaining them to a very strong steel chair deprive them of food to a state of jibbering please feed me level , an hours wait should do it for most fat cunts, then go to any fast food outlet buy a shit load of greasy burgers and put them on a plate right under there fat heads and watch them cry for mercy. I fucking hate fat cunts lazy twats they are .
  7. The Navy rugby team per chance?
  8. Surprisingly no, most were wearing Army shirts, so I'm going off the assumption that the TA were having a day out, or the RLC tent was shut