Fat Bastards Banned from Community centre After 'floor shifted'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EdMilliband4Change, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Dancers have been banned from their local community centre after claims they damaged the floor because they were too overweight.
    Managers at Addison Centre, in Bedford, ordered weekly Zumba classes to close after accusing the weight-loss classes of causing the floor to 'shift'.
    Angry overweight mums attending the high-energy dance classes hit back, saying they were 'shocked' and 'unhappy' about the decision
    Dance teacher Rosa Cristini denied any damage had been caused by her 'overweight' dancers.
    Disappointed Mum-of-two Kathryn Martin-Harris, 34, from Kempston, has attended the hour-long classes for around a month to try to lose a bit of baby weight.
    She said: 'We were told it was because we were too fat. I could do with losing a bit of weight but I'm not a beast. That's why I was going to Zumba in the first place, though.
    'I'm probably about a size 16 but there are women bigger and smaller and even some children there.
    'Everyone was so shocked and unhappy about it. I cannot believe that a community centre could come up with something like that.'

    Moving on out: Overweight dancers banned from community centre after 'floor shifted' | Mail Online
  2. I hate lazy fat bastards. It makes me Ill even thinking about them. Let them use the car park and the school kids can poke fun at them and spur them on to diet.
  3. Jarrod, you're a credit to the "Caring Profession"
  4. You bile inducing bargain bucket of lard. Of course you're a beast if you're Size 16, stop kidding yourself because you're not kidding anyone else.

    Fat people. They disgust me.
  5. One would have thought that "a floor" might have been capable of bearing human weight, somehow. Is there something particularly destructive in this Zumba business, whatever that might be?
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well, it killed my father! He had a fatal heart attack at one with his girlfriend, his wife didn't take the news too well!
  7. Most architects won't plan for 50 elephant sized creatures jumping about. I think it's to do with health and safety and the tsunami risk. Fat cunts.
  8. Hardly a name that implies the graceful and balletic, is it? If I wanted to pick a name that implied mastodonic herds of lumpenfrau thundering around a creaking scout hut, it would be 'Zumba'.
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  9. Looking at that particular photo, non of them seem too bad?

    Must be minging in there though, they're all smelling their armpits.
  10. The cakes in the break.

    There is no need for fatties. They should all be shot.
  11. I advert the Honourable Gentleman to the phrase 'posed by models'. The real thing are quite definitely larger than life.

    And should therefore be gassed.
  12. Scottish Country Dancing, or Highland Dancing, fine, but I don't remember us ever indulging in 'Zumba', whatever that might be.

    Brigadier 'Spotted Dick' once whirled me into the pipers, which was bad enough, but there was no bloody Zumba about it as far as I recall.

    Your description sounds strangely accurate, but I am upset to think how many years my fellow British citizens were indulging in something called Zumba, yet I had no say in the matter, because I am Scottish.
  13. Zumba, a Sub- Saharan word meaning extremely large and heavy. Incorrectly translated into English, 200 hundred years ago, as Jumbo. Hefferlump.

  14. I've seen worse in my kitchen when Boots comes to visit.
  15. I see the photo in the article was posed by models, I guess they looked more like this

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