Fat and f**king useless...Army here I come...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by The_Welsh_guy, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Howdy gents, I'm applying to join the Paras...wait, dont leave (I know, same old same old...) Anyway...

    I was going to go on the Insight Course at the end of May, I wont be up to the fitness by then but, as someone has also said the website does say its okay to go along - even if your not in tip top condition (although personally I'd always take such things with a pinch of salt....especially as the targets quoted for the insight course earlier are are nearly the targets needed to actually get in...plus I can do without looking like a tit infront of the training staff :roll: )

    So changing it to the 27-29th june, plus should be a good laugh with some arrser chaps down there. (Now now, from the forums I mean :wink: )

    I've recently lost quite a bit of weight and working on my fitness - I quickly jumped from running 1.5 miles in about 13-14 mins down to 10.30 on a regular basis. Progress is becoming much more difficult and alot less swift now....

    I'm hoping to get on the Military Gap year Course which starts in July (part time, before becoming fulltime in Sept)

    Worryingly, I spoke with two different instructors at my gym during the week and both said to improve my run time from 10.30 to approx 9mins odd for the Paras by July will be nearly impossible 8O :? ....FOOK!!.....

    Hmmmm.... What do you chaps think? Any advice apart from run run and run some more?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Hey there, good to see youre coming on the insight course on the 27th. My story's about the same as yours, and you don't need to worry about looking a tit in fornt of the instructors on the course, because there'll be two of us :D
    Do just keep running, but make sure you push yourself a bit further and try to make progress each time. When doing a timed run, blitz it at much as you can (it is 'best effort' after all) and then you can get under 9.18
  3. Theres going to be loads of us on this course now! Im the same as you mate probs worse but im bringing my mate along who is worse than me so i look good 8)
  4. Thats why they're not Para's. Boll0cks.
  5. dudes,

    for god's sake get a grip. You are trying to join the airborne elite not the chuffing girl guides. The British Army is not about doing the minimum effort and 'a satisfactory' standard is certainly not terminiology associated with the Airborne massive. You should be looking to go on this course right at the top of your game and still willing to push yourself that bit further. If you are really keen to join then you need to make sure your at a good standard (and 10.30 for a 1.5 mile is not by any means a good standard). You really should be pushing out in under 9 mins and need to be doing upto about 6 miles at average pace of at least 7 min mile!!!!!

    Anyway - just to aid you a little, if you do need to improve your 1.5 mile time, try the following workout:

    1. Get on the treadmill and put in for 25 mins.
    2. set speed to 10 / 10.5 Kph.
    3. Jog for 1 minute
    4. After 1st minute, increase speed so you are at full sprint (17.5 - 20Kph)
    5. After 1 minute sprinting, decrease speed back to 10 / 10.5 Kph (jogging)
    6. Repeat step 4.
    7. Continue at 1 minute on / 1 minute off for the remainder of the time

    At the end of the workout you will have sprinted as hard as you can for 12 minutes in total and jogged the other 13 minutes.

    If this becomes easy after a while, you can vary the intervals (From 1 minute to 1.30 or whatever) or if the treadmill lets you, you can further increase the sprinting speed.

    You should do this at least 3 times per week (Interspersed with longer runs and circuit training).

    Stick to it for a period of 4 weeks and i guarantee you'll take a 1 to 1.5 minutes off your time. (at least).

    Hope this helps.

    *Remember, it's the British Army - if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing!!!!
  6. Well that was easy to say. So by your philosophy, it wasn't worth saying. It's easy walking, perhaps you should hop around on one leg instead?
  7. Get a grip bell end.
  8. The Airborne Massive, is that the 1st or 2nd Btn :?
  9. Haha, mate, you've made 15 posts here, learn to take a slagging.
  10. I love the way Tech_Genius berates us. The other lads and myself know we are only on a borderline acceptibility with regards to fitness within the Infantry as a whole nevermind the Parachute Regiment. NOBODY said anything different.... :roll:

    What we ARE saying is that we are roughly at 10.30mins best effort 1.5miles and subsiquently whether someone kind enough to read this had any advise to help us improve?

    We're not asking you to do the fkcing run for us!! We are all aware that minimuim standards are not ideal and the requirements the Paras demand - thats why we are here asking, thats why are busting a gut training and thats why we are going on the insight course...we are making an effort... I expect you could run a six minute mile as soon as you learned to stand 8O

    Although I have heard the advice offered by Tech_Genius before and it seems to be the main tip on improving people have told me. Thanks.

    So is it possible to realistically pass for the Paras in July? (with full time training in Sept.) I did think personally with solid training and maximum effort it could be acheived, so I was a little deflated when the dudes at the gym said it was very unlikely. :?

    Any other tips or advice? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

    Many Thanks

  11. i'd recommend sprints. half rugby pitch or such, balls out then jog back, thatd get your time down quick! and mix it up with press ups and sit ups! trust me i'm not by any means fit in the army eyes put i dont fail and in four five weeks you'll notice it has drastically changed your time!

    and believe me 10.30 is not a good time. by civvi standards it is however you need the fitness or you'll die when you have to think, flap, worry all at once!
  12. You got MSN welsh guy?
  13. http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=71712.html

    And you appear to be a Cadet, sounds like you have loads to contribute to this thread. And since when did post count count for anything? Ive got a load, doesn't mean that I know shit about fuck all though, its just a measure of how much time I have to spare between killing prostitutes.

    Wind your neck in, cunt.
  14. Once again, sage words of truth from Praeters ;)
  15. agreed

    Some interval type work and 400m sprints are what the doctor ordered