Fastrack basic course


Anyone know about fastrack courses to bypass the weekends? I'm being sent on one and just wondered if anyone knew anything about it?


A couple of our lads are going on one in Feb.

As far as I can gather, it's a 2 week course up at ITC Catterick where everything covered on the weekends in done in the 2 weeks. The only thing you miss out on is drill.
Our RTC is offering a 9 day Phase 1A Infantry Course, which is probably the best way of teaching students as there is none of skill-fade that comes with the weekends (and the subsequent gaps between them). Certainly was the case when I did my Phase 1, weapon handling was like second nature after several days practise with it. Oh yeah, and with the rifle also ;)


Looks like it's gonna be at ATR Winchester. What's it like down there? I've been to Pirbright before, and that was OK. Don't know about Winchester though.


I've just been RTU'd from winchester on my CMSR as I had a suspected chipped knee cap from fire and manouveres on exercise.
The camps ok but it's a dry camp so no alcohol for the duration :-(
The instructors I had were nothing like TA instructors they ragged us for the slightest thing which made the first week hell, the second week wasnt too bad as all spirit seemed to have left us anyway.

You will come to learn the phrase - "to the fence" which basically means a sprint over the rugby pitch to the fence and back again for some slight misdimenour.
Also when told to do press ups as a punishment dont forget to count them out loud as in "1 corporal, 2 corporal..." and at the end finish with "permission to get up corporal"
Take loads of self sealing bags with you for when you go on exercise as they make u waterproof everything individually i.e. one pair of socks per bag.
Also make sure when you do your locker for inspections that all grit has been removed from the bottom of your trainers before you put them in.
Remove all loose threads from your uniform and ensure pockets are ironed down and collar on combat jacket ironed down too.
Pockets of clothing in lockers to be empty at all times.
You will also be told to iron your bed each morning to ensure the sheet is crisp and crease free, I advise u just sleep on the floor each night!
Take loads of smokes (if you are inclined) as two of the instructors I had smoked and were always asking for them, kept em on side though!
Dont bother taking any gucci kit for the exercise as they wont allow you to take it out with you so its hexxi burners and issue bags all the way.
Any other questions just let me know but all this advice is from my cmsr two weeks ago so it may be different for the fast track course?

Oh and the scoffs great!