Fastest route to Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lordmonty, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. I am aware that a course is run somewhere which basically comprises most of the modular training for a Potential Officer and crashes all into a 2 week course. This comes after the Mod 1 (which is 2 wks course also). I think it's supposed to replace the 10 week-end Mod 2 courses.
    Does anyone know the name of this course, the dates or who to contact re- this. I'm just scouting out prior to approaching the RTC. Many thanks.
  2. The course you are on about is called Professional Qualified Officer.

    It is open to Nurses, Doctors, Padres and RSigs (must have relevant professional qual/job) only
  3. and lawyers I believe
  4. And possibily CIMIC and some others I think,

    Some of the info is here:-

    Sandhurst Courses
  5. TA PQO = 1 week!
  6. Crazy isn't it, although I think they can (and some do)elect to do the regular version if they can fit in the time.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's not known as the 'vicars and tarts' course for nothing......
  8. Up the A30.
  9. Have been keeping an eye on this Sigs group

    I like the word shortly, thats what they said before I transferred to my current unit 5 years ago.
  10. I tried to use this route to get back in some months ago as an IT specialist, but they said that as I was 55 that I would be to old for the Tarts and Vicars. (Despite being able to pass ALL of the current fitness reqirements including the 8 mile CFT).

    Currently waiting for an answer from another specialist unit.
  11. Point of correction - PQO is four weeks (regardless of what Sandhurst website says)
    TA PQO also four weeks, although two of those can be done at Strensall (where they beast you an awful lot more, believe me!!)
  12. It is possible to attend a module 2 equivalent concentrated course with OTC's which is done in 8 days. IMHO it won't be as indepth as the training you'll get by doing the full 10 weekends of Mod 2, but it's handy if you have had to miss a few out.

    There's one in April and another in September with LDRTC. Depending on where abouts you are in the Country your RTC should know where to send you for it.

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  13. I think you're referring to the MTQ2 condensed course that takes 10 weeks of TA Mod 2 Officer Training and delivers it in two weeks (plus and additional weekend of APWT if required). It's run by London UOTC down in Longmoor, and it's usually oversubscribed. Ask your PASO for dates, as the next one is almost definitely full. It's also rather tricky, brain wise, with an awful lot of info piled into your soft squidgy brain matter. The result is that a lot of that information drains out of the holes in your head unless you shore it up with additional weekends, Mod 3 and that Sand'urst place.

    I hear rumour of a Scottish UOTC equivalent that puts Mod 1 2 and 3 into a one long course, but I've not met any of the resulting officers from that method.

    Out of interest, are you looking for the fastest route to Sandhurst because you've got all lot of experience already, or because you want to be the worst prepared PO to ever try for a commission? If it's the latter, let me know and I'll set up a sweepstake.

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    Stop posting the same questions all over the shop btw. If you have to ask, ask once and wait.
  14. The LDRTC condensed course is run over 9 days for Mod 2 and a choice of either 5 weekends or a 9 day Mod 3. The courses for this year are available here: LDRTC calendar. If you do the next two courses and pass, you could make it to Sandhurst for the July course. This is not the PQO course or the MTQ course (OTC) that others have talked about.

    In addition, you can do a condensed Mod2 and Mod3 course over 3 weeks as part of the Scottish summer challenge directly before the September Sandhurst course. As far as I know, you do three weeks with them, have one week off, then off to Sandhurst for three weeks.
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