Fastest Private to WO2?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wm1965, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Seven years...?

    The story was plausible (musician) but I am intrigued by any better.
  2. There was a story, (the veracity of which I won't guarantee), of a young RLC Lcpl who being a native Serbian/Croat speaker was quickly promoted to (probably local only) WO2 so he could interpret/chat to the upper level of opposing sides in the ARRC HQ in Sarajevo

    This would mean Pte-WO2 in about a year or so..
  3. Have you been at the bleach?
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  4. CAMUS WO1's

    Potentially can go from Pte to A/WO1 (Bandmaster) in 3 years.
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  5. Are you talking about [looks over shoulder, whispers:]Mike Golden?
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  6. Pte-WO2 in seven years has happened a few times in the AT trade.

    The current Regt SAT of 11 Regt is a Conductor, he's done about 14 years (I think). You have to be a WO1 at least 3 years before being considered for conductor.
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  7. Does this count, I knew a guy that was a Gdsm/LCpl/Gdsm/LCpl/Gdsm for first 6 years, then he screwed the loaf and then went to WOII in the following 7 years.
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  8. A bloke in my old Team did it in 6 years, a rank each year. Joined in 1989 while in his early 30s.

    He quit after being stuck at WO2 for three years, having been told that there was "no ******* way" he was going to get WO1 or commissioned. His reputation for being a social hand grenade had caught up - once he'd got his third stripe, he had to be closely "mentored" at any social function and led to his pit afterwards (he couldn't be trusted to go back on his own).
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  9. **** me, did he have a picture of the CO being bukkaked by the Regt 2ic and Adjt?
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  10. What about the dental corps? The false teeth lot we had at Duss were on time based promotion 2 were Full screws with 18mths/2yrs service had to give them it to keep them in the army as it was big bucks on civi street.
  11. He was very clued up in his job, pestered all and sundry to go on every course available and had a good man management technique. The only man he couldn't manage was himself after a few beers.

    Nice bloke though. Even though he was a Catholic fundamentalist. He'd never have made Methodist, though.
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  12. A friend of mine was taken up by a nascent REME, WWII and having done basic training went to some godforsaken hole where he kicked around for a few weeks before the depot OC wanted to send him to another depot. Problem was the post needed a full screw. No problem he was bumped up and sent, the same thing happened there, pushed up to Sgt and moved on.

    He was then despatched to India to form part of the Indian REME and as the senior rank on the troop ship was promoted to WO3, a rank I'd not heard of before, but was a wartime lash up, all within six months or so. After the war he worked in making bespoke ear defenders for the top end of the shooting fraternity. His telling of the story was one of bemusement at the speed of the process and being SNCO on a troopship crammed with old sweats who all had more time in then him.
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  13. WO3, or Platoon Sergeant-Major in the Infantry, was a rank set up in the late 1930s to match the Kraut idea of Feldwebels commanding platoons - and it was cheaper than using Ruperts. The Army Council deemed it to be unsuccessful by 1941 and all were either promoted to 2Lt or WO2 depending on ability. The last were supposed to have gone by 1943 so a fresh promotion post-war is odd, but we all know the Army....

    The youngest WO2 I've ever heard of was a nineteen-year-old in 1917, which would have been remarkable in any number of ways.
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  14. There's a lot of WO3s in the AT trade.

    CSM/SSM used to be WO3, that's why it's a junior appointment to WO2(SQMS). Coldstream Guards CSMs particularly enjoy such lessons in history.
  15. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    I made many an infantry CSM go very red when I told them they were the bottom of the heap, some would get all high & mighty until shown QR's. :)