Fastest man in Africa joins the Navy

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 17, 2012.

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  2. Just don't give him your bank details.
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  3. That'll be the Navy winning the inter-service sports sprint events for the next couple of years then. :)
  4. So, will he still be nicknamed 'Jack Dusty'?
  5. Wouldn't swimming be better qualification for the Navy?
  6. It would, but our dusky brethren are genetically predisposed to sink on contact with water.
  7. I'm sure he'll find a use for his running prowess and incredible acceleration whilst cooped up in an aluminium box, bashing through the briny on it's way to a well charted rock.
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  8. At least the speed of service should improve, although I doubt he'll retain his racing-snake physique for long on a diet of pies and McEwan's Export.
  9. Being the fastest man in Africa is no big deal these days considering most of the opposition has had a limb or two hacked off.
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  10. I swear I read "The fattest man in Africa joins the Navy" I thought: "What an odd thing for MOD_RSS to publish". Every day is a school day.
  11. I'm sure he'll be fine at the 10 metre sprint but the ladders and watertight doors might slow him down a bit.

  12. Is there any mention of how good he is at throwing fridges? If he's accurate, a career in UKSF beckons.
  13. No no no, quite the opposite. They are more buoyant, and therefore unsuited to competitive swimming on account of being slower. That's what I've heard anyway.
  14. You may well be correct, and I've confused my memory of watching two Kuwaiti aircrew trainees falling through the large column of water that formed the SETT at HMS Dolphin.; much to the surprise of the blokes on the Underwater Knife-fighting & Gas-cutting Course at the bottom.

    Anyhoo, sharks think they're seals (not THEM in rubber) and happily feast on them. Put 'Floppy' in a pool with a shark and watch him go......................
  15. .... Water, Bashing through the briny, Water tight doors, ladders....... I never realised that the Navy still had boats etc.
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